Children Playhouse Plan

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The 40-page construction manual has been developed by a construction engineer over a prolonged period. It has been optimized, is protected by copyright and not to acquire in this form via public trading. The instruction for the playhouse is documenting every action with descriptive texts as well as built-in images and cut-outs of the plan.…

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The 40-page construction manual has been developed by a construction engineer over a prolonged period. It has been optimized, is protected by copyright and not to acquire in this form via public trading. The instruction for the playhouse is documenting every action with descriptive texts as well as built-in images and cut-outs of the plan. These visuals are necessary for a successful implementation and allow for non-craftsmen to build our playhouse without any troubles. The building instruction features – among other detailed texts – a detailed cutting manual as well as a parts list (including dimensions of the parts). Thanks to our easy to understand manual, you just have to buy the parts and let the wood cut accordingly in a hardware store.

Dimensions: width with roof overhang about 1.80 m, length with roof overhang about 2.45 m, inside dimensions approximately 1.50 m x 1.50 m, veranda approximately 1.50 m x 0,70 m, gable height inside approximately 1.60 m, eaves height inside approximately 1.10 m

 Construction duration: The time needed for building our playhouse is depending on your level of craftsmanship. Expect it to take you about 30 to 40 hours or in other words 3 to 4 days.

Construction costs: You will need to buy the entire building material: timber, connecting means and roof. These parts will cost about 350$ to 400$, depending on where you buy them. If you want to paint the playhouse, you will have to expect slightly higher costs though.

Description: The stilt house consists of squared timbers, smooth edge boards, tongue and groove boards. All parts should be made of spruce. The playhouse is designed in a way in which even large precast walls of wooden houses are built. Therefore it is extremely stable and durable. All connections are screwed (wood screws), which makes the playhouse even more stable. Note that the boards of premanufactured playhouses (mostly available in hardware stores) are often only stapled, so that the playhouse will be falling apart after 1-2 years. The small house is built on stilts. This way, there will no problems with any unloved critters. The top of our playhouse is sealed with black roofing paper (rolls) and fixed with roofer’s nails.

We put a lot of thought into every detail of this stilt house. You can decorate the interior according to your individual taste. The illustrated pattern playhouse, for example, features a foldable Bench with magnetic holders on the feet. It can be folded, so there is enough space for a small children’s chair beside the table. There are two lattice windows with a square size of about 45 cm. During winter, Plexiglas is attached to the windows as a weather shield, using U-hooks on the inside. This weather shield can be removed in the summer.

The table can be folded to the timber wall on the same principle. Due to the transom construction (bracing squares) small shelves can be attached to the wall easily. They could be used for storing e.g. children’s kitchenware. In the evening and night, a small battery-powered pendant lamp spends a pleasant, warm light. The nice light ambience is achieved due to the light-colored wood itself.

On the veranda, which is 70 cm wide, you can place two children’s chairs. The two-winged door has a passage height of about 1.10 meters. It can be locked as a whole both from outside as well as from the inside. From the inside, however, you can choose to only open the upper part of the door (as a separate window), while the lower door remains locked. The installation of the interior described (bench, boards, table and chairs) is not part of the material list. You can customize the interior as you wish.

Disassembly / deconstruction of the playhouse: Should you have to deconstruct the playhouse (relocation or sale); you only have to disassemble it up to the carrying base elements. These are: 4 side elements, 2 railings, 1 floor structure, 1 veranda supporting structure as a framework, tongue and groove of the roof.

The image shows an example of the 4 sides as well as the floor structure.

  • TOOL
  • WOOD

Specifically, you need the following tools:

Rechargeable drill, tape measure (meter stick), circular saw, hammer, jig saw, pliers, level, chisel

The wood can be purchased at any hardware store or Holzfachmarkt or what is normal cheaper at any roofer component supplier. It should be noted that the timber dimensions can regionally differ slightly. The differences, however, are in the mm range. With a little technical and manual skills but one can also wonderful with slightly different woods technically correct assemble the playhouse. The overall dimensions of the playhouse changes insignificantly. The construction technique as such remains the same. Of the instruction sheets of the playhouse is a BOM with section sketches. This just enter from the timber merchants and get the timbers accurately cut to size.

It needed Squares, smooth edge boards and tongue and groove boards of different dimensions:

ca. 38 m Squares 27×45 mm

ca. 7 m Squares 75×75 mm

ca. 12 m Squares 46×95 mm

ca. 35 m Straight edge boards 18×100 mm

ca. 1,5 m Straight edge boards 18×20 mm

ca. 12 m2 Tongue & groove 19×146 mm (davon 1 cm Feder)

ca. 10 m Squares 20×48 mm

ca. 1,8 m Squares 40×40 mm

ca. 4 m Straight edge boards 18×52 mm

ca. 68 m Straight edge boards 18×70 mm

On the timber the corresponding sawing must be performed (length cuts, angle cuts, notches, curves and cut-out areas). As a tool for this purpose, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a hammer and Holzstemmeisen and a ruler is needed.

The connecting means can be purchased directly from a screw dealer at any hardware store or Holzfachmarkt or what is more cost effective.

  • ca. 100 St. Spax/wood screws 3,0 x 20 (TX10)
  • ca. 650 St. Spax/wood screws 3,0 x 35 (TX10)
  • ca. 150 St. Spax/wood screws 3,5 x 45 (TX15)
  • ca. 47 St. Spax/wood screws 4,5 x 70 (TX25)

The wood screws Torx inserts are recommended; are also needed 3 Piece Torx screw inserts for the cordless drill in sizes TX10, TX15 und TX25

  • 9 Piece seat angle (side length 25mm)
  • 3 Piece locking latch with associated loop (length 80 mm)
  • 4 pieces case hinges (length ca.135 mm)

For screwing a cordless drill is recommended.

The paint can be purchased at any hardware store or Holzfachmarkt.

Wood paint for the exterior of the side walls and porch railing: 0,75 l for ca. 12,0 m2 for 2 coats

Wood paint for the exterior for the smooth edge boards and posts: 0,75 l for ca. 12,0 m2 for 2 coats

Roofing felt or bituminous membrane V60 S4 with talc as a roofing membrane. If the roof can be climbed from the children, it is advisable to use the slightly thicker bitumen sheet, since the roofing paper may tear under certain circumstances. A roller having a width of 1.0 m and a length of 5.0 m and covers 5 m2 of roof area. The remaining at the gable 34 cm wide uneingedeckte area must then be covered separately with another roofing strips (length about 2.40 m); Here a wall barrier sheet is recommended 500 sanded with a width of 36.5 cm. For fixing 150 pieces Roofing Nails be 2.8 × 16 mm recommended.

The playhouse construction manual first describes tools, material needed, connection means and timbers. In addition, the preparation of the timbers is described (cutting etc.). On the enclosed parts list, you will find different groups of wood. They are referenced in the graphic representations and the construction description.

The actual construction of the playhouse has been divided into 9 sections. Each section can be easily understood by means of numerous pictures and clippings of the plan. Thus a trouble-free assembly should be possible. Within the plan clippings, you will find references to the various timbers of the timber list (batch number designations).

The 9 building sections are structured as follows:

  1. Set-up of the substructure, including house and veranda floor p. 11 – 14
  2. Set-up of side walls p. 14 – 17
  3. Set-up of the front gable wall (with front door) p. 17 – 19
  4. Set-up of the rear gable wall p. 20 – 21 – Paintwork p. 21 – 22
  5. Assembly of the walls and set-up of the veranda support structure p. 22 – 25
  6. Installation of the roofing p. 25 – 26 -Paintwork p. 26
  7. Installation of the roof facings, corner paneling, window and door frames p. 27 – 30
  8. Assembly and installation of door wings (including painting) p. 31 – 34 – Paintwork p. 35
  9. Installation of the veranda railing p. 35 – 39

Excerpts from the playhouse building instructions

4 simple steps to your blueprint for your children’s playhouse

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To avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out, that we only sell the assembly instructions for the playhouse – not the whole Playhouse!


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