Car Dealer Licenses How to Start a Car Business

January 29, 2022 - Comment

Ever Dream of Being Your Own Boss? Get Your Car Dealer License and My Online Course Gives You EverythingYou’ll Need To Know In The Very Lucrative &Much Needed Pre-Owned Automotive Market Just look around next time you are on the road. You are literally surrounded by cars – of every imaginable type, condition, color and…

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Ever Dream of Being Your Own Boss?

Get Your Car Dealer License and

My Online Course Gives You Everything

You’ll Need To Know In The Very Lucrative &

Much Needed Pre-Owned Automotive Market

Just look around next time you are on the road. You are literally surrounded by cars – of every imaginable type, condition, color and year. Each one of those autos has one thing in common – someone had to buy it. And that means someone had to be selling it as well.

Each day “new” used cars enter the market – just looking for an owner.

The market for quality pre-owned vehicles is booming – and there has never been a better time to take advantage of this ongoing trend.

In fact according to the analyst firm CNW Research, 40.5 million used vehicles changed hands in 2020, a 4.4 percent increase over 2019.

By becoming a licensed car dealer, you’ll be jumping into a field brimming with opportunities. You’ll be the one matching these autos to those willing, able and even eager to buy what you have.

Car Dealer License Course – The Definitive Guide To Starting Your Own Pre-Owned Auto Business

This course leaves no stone unturned and will VASTLY reduce the time it takes you to hit the ground running. You’ll be learning from an extremely professional car dealer the CORRECT way to go about creating your own PROFITABLE Car Dealership Business – directly from an established expert in this market.

For instance, here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover…

  • Getting licensed
  • Establishing your business name
  • Where to find vehicles for sale
  • How to appraise a vehicle before you even consider taking it away
  • What forms you’ll have to complete
  • How to market yourself…

And tons more. (Stick around, well go into more detail in a bit…)

Everything you’ll be taught has been tested and retested in the only venue that counts – the real world. After you finish this course, you’ll know more about finding, prepping and selling used cars than 98% of the general population.

And you’re going to have fun doing it!

Now let’s take a look at what you DON’T need…

  • You don’t need an advanced education. Heck, there are high school drop-outs making a wonderful living locating and selling pre-owned autos.
  • You don’t need a wad of money to begin. Yes, every business has its own start-up costs. But compared to franchises or brick and mortar enterprises, the money to enter we’re talking about is negligible.
  • You don’t need the headaches of having employees or a boss! Being a successful car dealer means you run the show. You are answerable to yourself and your customers – that’s it. (Well, you’ll always be answerable to Uncle Sam and your spouse… but that’s going to be the case no matter what you do!)

Follow Our Blueprint & Jumpstart Into Success!

This course is both comprehensive and complete. You’ll never be left wondering what you should be doing next. You’ll start off right at the beginning – setting up the legal framework for your company.

We’ll spell out exactly what you have to have, and when you should have it. For instance, before you even can start to buy and sell used cars as a career, these are the basic steps we’ll be walking you through…

  • Naming your company
  • Setting up the right type of company for you
  • Establishing your place of business
  • Getting a Dealer’s License
  • Purchasing a surety bond
  • Obtaining insurance
  • Filing for your sales tax number

You must have this groundwork down pat – because the last thing you need will be hassles from the taxing or regulatory agencies!

Where The Money Is – How To Appraise That Auto!

I can’t stress this enough, unless you learn how to properly, thoroughly and completely appraise a used car’s condition – you’ll never make it as a used car dealer.

That auto may look cherry from the outside, but if you can’t uncover the hidden defects beneath the exterior – you’ll only be throwing your money away.

Not to worry – the Car Dealer License Course has your back.

You’re going to be shown exactly what you should be looking for to unearth the true condition of the vehicle you’re inspecting.

  • Body work – Some dings are simple fixes, others not. Make a miscalculation, and the repair work could explode to hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars – slashing your profit to the bone.
  • Is the paint work original? You’re going to find out how the professionals can tell each and every time if the auto has been repainted. Even if the body work was done by experts – you’ll know if it’s factory fresh or not.
  • Has the engine been worked on? Our simple test will let you know if the bolts were ever removed – a clear indication of work under the hood.
  • Was a rear-end collision worse that what the repairs indicate? We’ll show you what to look for inside the trunk and spare tire wheel well to find out!
  • Open the car door and take a whiff! We’ll explain why a “smoker” is a goner when it comes to resale value.
  • Not only do we discuss what you’ll have to know, but you’ll have a total of THREE REAL-WORLD VIDEO LESSONS demonstrating how to go about professionally sizing up every vehicle you’ll come in contact with.

To top it off, you’ll receive our extensive auto-appraisal checklist. Download it and print it off – making sure you have a new one for every vehicle you’re looking at. Just like the checklist airline pilots use before they ever leave the ground, this invaluable tool will assure you won’t be missing ANYTHING compromising the vehicle’s ultimate re-sale value.

Autos, Autos Everywhere…

But Where Does a Dealer Go To Buy Them?

Ok… it sounds simple at first glance… find used cars, appraise them, then sell.

But where do dealers go to find their inventory? Is there some undisclosed, underground “good old boys” network – only allowing “insiders” access to the better deals and trades?

Not to worry, because this Car Dealer License Course discloses everything you’ll need to know for finding the right vehicles at the right prices!

  • Auto Auctions – Where they are, how they work, how you bid, what you need to watch out for… this course will be like having a car pro at your side the entire time, pointing out the do’s and don’ts when attending an auto auction.
  • New Car Dealerships – Have you ever wondered what new car dealerships do with the trade-ins they get? Wonder no more, because you’ll be shown how to approach, talk to and get on the “good guy list” of these dealership’s used car managers.
  • Used Car Lots – Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Why should a used car dealer go to a used car lot to purchase used car inventory? Simple – the longer a car sits on the lot, the more motivated the dealership is to offload it. They’d rather take a cut in profit than get no profit at all – so it’s a win-win situation for the right independent dealer and the right used car lot.
  • Repos – You’ve see the TV show where a repossession team goes out and hauls away an auto whose loan is waaay overdue. Once the car is turned back to title holder, then what? The bank, financial or lending institutions don’t want the car – they want the money. That’s where you come in. We’ll clue you in on how to find the right people (called Recovery Agents) at these companies – and how to get them on your side.
  • Stolen Recoveries – According to ABC News, in the USA a car gets stolen every 43 seconds! That’s a lot of cars. Many of them wind up in chop houses – never to be seen again. But a fair number do eventually get found. The owners got reimbursed by their insurance companies, so the found auto is now the insurance company’s problem. Car Dealer License fills you in on how to locate these orphaned vehicles, and how to obtain the ones you want.
  • Individuals – Yep! “For Sale by Owner” is alive and well in the used auto market. Just drive through any community and you’re bound to see several cars sitting in the driveway, silently advertising themselves. Many times the owner is VERY motivated to sell due to adverse financial problems. So check ‘em out!

Financing and Buying Autos Wholesale – Getting the Biggest Bang For Your Buck!

It might stand to reason you have to part with some cash in order to purchase a used auto… however this isn’t true in every case!

Not only are we going to walk you through the forms and title process for gaining free and clear ownership of a used vehicle, but we’ll also introduce you to the Magic of Drafts – buying cars, trucks, boats, trailers… what have you with no money up front!

It’s a rather common practice in the used car industry, so take advantage of it whenever you can!

Sometimes trying to track down the agencies and organizations you need to find can be one huge hassle. Then you have to recognize what forms you’ll be expected to know and be acquainted with for completing sales and purchases.

No problem, because we have it all down in black and white for you…

  • Department of Motor Vehicles – in all 50 states, along with their respective websites.
  • Agencies & Organizations – Contacts, organizations, publications and businesses – over 45 places you can turn to for almost every aspect of starting and running your Car Dealership business as smoothly as possible.
  • Forms – Every business has its own particular forms, and Car Dealerships are no different. We’ll show you the most common forms you’ll be using in your everyday transactions – and how to make sure you fill them out correctly. From a Wholesale Order for Registration and Title to Insurance Affidavits to Odometer Disclosure Statements and almost everything in-between – we have actual samples of the very forms you’ll be filling out.
  • Auctions – Need to know where the major auto auctions are in the United States? We have you covered with literally hundreds of venues from coast to coast. Each state is listed with their respective auction lots – address, phone numbers and websites included. We even clue you in on auctions in Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia!

17 Lessons, 6 Video Tutorials…Plus 3 Bonus Features!

When I said this course was complete, I meant every word of it!

It’s jammed packed with 17 individual learning segments – covering everything you’re likely to encounter when preparing, starting, building and running your used car dealership enterprise.

The video tutorials are informative and professional – taking you on live tours of how to appraise an auto before you plunk down your money, and even how to buy and sell cars 24/7 by harnessing the power of the internet!

Even if you had no interest at all in starting your own business, the video tutorials alone on how to spot those car-lot lemons every time out would be well worth your investment.

But before I unveil the bottom line, let me tell you about our bonuses…


“Locating Services Instructional” – Additional Lesson

This bonus lesson is fantastic for those who want to get into the pre-owned vehicle business, but want to have buyers lined up BEFORE searching out vehicles to purchase. Part middleman, part sleuth… the profits can be quite substantial when you match specific customers to their dream cars.

From advertising your service to setting fees to finalizing a transaction – we show you how this ultra-low risk, huge profit niche is done… and done right! (We even include a sample “Locating Vehicle Sales Agreement” for you to use!)


Auto Wholesale Business Plan

Numbers matter, and carefully planning your business finances is paramount when running your own business. We’ve done the grunt work with our ready to run Excel Spreadsheet itemizing your car dealership’s estimated profit and loss calculations.

Take the guesswork out of your decisions, and your bank account will be thanking you big time for it!


Joel Osteen – “Making Plans To Succeed” Motivational Presentation

We all have our slumps and pitfalls – that’s just life in action. It’s what we do when a curve ball comes our way that makes all the difference. In this inspirational presentation, Joel talks about how we can make plans to succeed – and stay focused on our ultimate goal. Entertaining and uplifting – you’ll want to listen to this more than once!

The Bottom Line…

Okay, so we’re finally here. The big question is this: How much are we expecting you to invest for this Online Step-by Step Car Dealer License Business Start-Up Tutorial?


  • Seventeen No-Nonsense, Fact Filled Lessons
  • Six In Depth Video Tutorials
  • Three Super Bonus Features, Including the Extra Lesson and Spreadsheet.

If we were to package everything in a box, our accountant said not one penny less than $297. Fair enough –

We settled on an investment of $129 for the complete course. But I wasn’t satisfied with that figure. Not that it wasn’t a fair and reasonable price – it certainly was both of those. But I’m a realist, and I see how money is tight these days.

So here’s the deal. The entire course, nothing left out, cut or truncated will be available for a limited time for only $89. $27 – Limited Time Holiday Offer!

There are no gimmicks. No “super-accelerated” extra lessons to purchase. No sneaky continuity payments tacked on without your consent.

This single payment of $47 is the entire price you’ll pay. But this special rate is limited, and once it’s gone – the price will go up to $89.


I want you to be totally and absolutely satisfied that you’ll be making the right decision. So here’s what I will do………..

Sign up today.

  • Try the Car Dealer Licensing Course for 30 days.
  • Carefully go over the training modules and videos.

If it’s not everything I said it was, or if you’ve simply changed your mind about going into the pre-owned auto business, let me know.

I’ll refund your entire $89 $47, we’ll shake our virtual hands and part as friends.

Fair enough?

Realistically Speaking…What Can You Expect?

Let me be blunt as possible. No online course, no textbook, no program out there can make you an instant success. There’s no such animal as the “Lazy Man’s Path to Riches and Fame.”

Any business, ours included is going to take time, effort and good old fashion “elbow-grease” to run. If you were thinking otherwise, then please look elsewhere. We will supply the knowledge, the information and the tactics you’ll need to make owning your Car Dealership business a reality. What we can’t supply is your motivation – that’s entirely up to you.

But if you do decide to make this a go, you’ll find that being your own boss and calling the shots is almost addictive. No one, and I mean no one will ever be able to call you into a corner office and say you’re fired. The security and independence of building your future on your own terms is a feeling that will never cease to thrill you!

It’s Time to Make Up Your Mind…

We’ve presented you with all the benefits, facts and figures as directly and honestly as possible. To recap, here is what you’ll soon be enjoying:

  • The 17 Lessons for your Car Dealer License Business
  • Six Instructional Videos
  • Locating Services – Bonus Instructional Lesson
  • Auto Wholesale Business Plan – Bonus Excel Spreadsheet
  • “Making Plans To Succeed” – Joel Osteen’s Motivational Presentation

The only person that can make the final decision is you. It’s a funny thing… when we look to others for their validation, it’s almost always negative. For whatever rhyme or reason, people whom you ask will in all probability give out every reason under the sun why you shouldn’t take action.

A lot of it has to do with jealousy – they just don’t want to see someone else get ahead of them in this game called life. Unwilling to create their own dreams, they become dream-killers for others.

If you are truly motivated and determined to make Car Dealerships a career, I urge you to sign up now.

Here’s to your success!

John Kleemann

CEO – Car Dealer Licenses

P.S. Here’s another reason you should seriously consider this opportunity and start taking charge of your own destiny.

NOW is the only time you ever have to make a positive change in your life. The one thing that never, ever comes back is time. Every minute delayed is one more chance that’s lost forever.

Next time you’re in the local big box discount store, take a good look at the greeter by the front door, or when you’re doing your food shopping, really notice the senior citizen behind the free samples kiosk, struggling to stand as they smile behind their pain.

Do it, and then ask yourself this…

Is this where I want to end up? Was this the entire purpose of my time here on earth… wearing a silly smock for a couple of dollars an hour, just to be able to survive another day?

Frankly, that’s not living… it’s a prolonged and disgraceful death.

So act on my advice and sign up now, because tomorrow has a way of never coming – until it’s too late to change the outcome.

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