Canine Cancer SECRETS

February 27, 2022 - Comment

“See What Other Dog Owners Are Already Saying About Canine Cancer Secrets” “It Just May Be The Difference To Your Dog’s Survival!” Heather pictured with Dorje and Shadow says Canine Cancer Secrets “is a must for owners of dogs with cancer” “Hi Andy, I found Canine Cancer Secrets to be informative and extremely well written…

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“See What Other Dog Owners Are

Saying About Canine Cancer Secrets”

“It Just May Be The Difference

To Your Dog’s Survival!”

Heather, Dorje and Shadow

Heather pictured with Dorje and Shadow says Canine

Cancer Secrets “is a must for owners of dogs with cancer”

“Hi Andy,

I found Canine Cancer Secrets to be informative and extremely well written and easy to read.

I was interested in what the book had to say about carcinogens around the house and environment and also what Dr Chris had to say about them.

This book is not only a must for owners of dogs who have cancer but also those owners who want to do the best they can to prevent their healthy dogs contracting cancer.

This book is a must have for any dog owner who really loves and cares for their pet and of course for those owners who have a beloved dog currently suffering with cancer. It may just be the difference to your dogs survival.

Kind Regards,

Heather Marston”

You find out EVERYTHING you need to know about cancer in your dog including:

  1. Causes
  2. Prevention
  3. Types
  4. Treatments
  5. Cures

For the top 7 cancer types your dog you discover:

  1. What the cancer is
  2. Rates
  3. Causes & Prevention
  4. Age, Breed & Sex Predilection
  5. Symptoms & Diagnosis
  6. Treatment & Prognosis

“We Will Check Tessa Like It Says

to Do in Canine Cancer SECRETS”

“Dear Andrew Lewis,

We will continue to check Tessa over and keep an eye on her health, like it says to do in the book, Canine Cancer Secrets.

And we have studied all the information given about the 7 different types of Cancer and how they can be caused and prevented.

Tessa and myself have learnt reams of information.

Shirley B & Tessa”

“I Recommend This Book to Anyone

Who Loves Their Dog as Their Family”


Kate’s dog Freddie doed from cancer so she says Canine Cancer

Secrets will help save her future dogs from suffering this way

“Before I got Canine Cancer Secrets, I was watching my wonderful Doberman Freddie slipping away from me day by day. I would have done anything to save him although I really knew it was too late for him. So, the next priority is save a future dog from suffering in this way.

I found this book fascinating & pretty scary at the same time.

Many of the recipes in the book I have thought ” mmm, I could cook that for us & the dogs can share!!” Seriously, they can easily be modified to suit most peoples available time & pockets.

There is so much in the news these days about what we feed ourselves. I recommend this book to anyone who loves their dog as their family – we should all know the truth about what we are feeding them.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kate Rixon”

Knowing the #1 weapon you personally have against cancer in your dog is nutrition, we have included 4 chapters 100% about nutrition including:

  1. Dietary Needs Of The Cancer Patient
  2. Combating Chemotherapy Side Effects
  3. Supplementation
  4. Vitamins, Antioxidants & Immunostimulants
  5. Anti-Cancer Herbs

The final chapters include recipes designed SPECIFICALLY for canine cancer patients:

  1. All natural recipes following the BARF diet principles
  2. 14 recipes perfect for your dog if it has cancer, each recipe includes a justification of why the ingredients are ideal for a dog with cancer
  3. There are even 3 recipes especially for helping your dog cope with the effects of Chemo-therapy.

“I Thank You So Much Much For Putting

Together All This Excellent Info”


Geri especially liked the recipes for dogs undergoing chemotherapy

“I enjoyed all the info and felt it was extremely informative.

I especially
liked the recipes shown for dogs with cancer and going through chemo etc.

I feel that these recipes could also be good as regular feedings cancer
or not.

Attached is a picture of my sweetie – Copper – a two year and 4 mos old Pom. I got him at 5 mos. and he turned into this beautiful guy. He is well and good and I pray he stays that way. I thank you so much for all the investigating and putting together all this excellent info. I definately will
be using the info when necessary.

Thank you sooooo much

Geri Cade”

“See What
Experts Are Saying About The Importance
Nutrition in Canine Cancer Here…”

“Dogs With Cancer Need a Special Diet”

“A dog or a cat with cancer needs a special diet.”

Dr. Susan G. Wynn, DVM

“Nutritional Therapy Is a Key Component

For The Treatment of Cancer Cachexia”

“Nutritional therapy is a key component for the treatment of cancer cachexia and for actually helping control malignant disease in some situations.

Prof. Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ECVIM

Professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine

Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University

“A Pet With Cancer Requires

High Quality Nutrition”

Pets with cancer require consistent, high quality nutrition.

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Dogs Without Proper Cancer Nutrition

Have “Shortened Survival Time”

“Animals with cancer cachexia (malnutrition from cancer) have a decreased quality of life, poor response to treatment, and a shortened survival time [hence the important of nutritional therapy (Ed.)]”

Prof. Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ECVIM

Professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine

Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University

“Patients With Good Nutrition

Respond Better to Therapy”

“Malnutrition can increase the risk of complications and decrease survival rates. Patients with good nutritional status have an improved response to therapy and better quality of life”

Clinical Oncology Service,

University of Pennsylvania

“Nutritional Intervention Improves

Quality of Life For a Dog With Cancer”

“There is little question that nutritional intervention must begin early and must be followed through aggressively to gain maximum benefit….long before the patient exhibits evidence of weight loss, debilitation, or anorexia begin which can in turn enhance response to therapy and improve quality of life.”

Prof. Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ECVIM

Professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine

Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University

“Homemade Diets For Dogs

With Cancer Are Best”

“Homemade diets for dogs with cancer can provide the highest quality of nutrients which will strengthen the overall health of the pet”

Susan Davis CCN,

Pet Nutritionist

“Specific Nutrients Can Be

Used As Powerful Tools”

“Specific nutrients can be used as powerful tools to reduce toxicity associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and is important to enhance healing subsequent to surgery.”

Prof. Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ECVIM

Professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine

Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University

CONCLUSION: The experts agree, a dog with cancer needs cancer-specific nutritional therapy.

More great comments from customers

“Information I Couldn’t Find Anywhere Else”

“Dear Andrew,

I do believe that if Mr. Peabody had eaten the way I feed my dogs now (Grayson and Paladin), maybe he would have never developed Cushings’ disease and liver cancer.

My interest in your Canine Cancer Secrets comes from my experience with Mr. Peabody, and my hope that I can prevent cancer from developing in my future canine companions. The anecdotal interviews from other canine parents dealing with cancer in their pets [Canine Cancer Chronicles – see order page] was also very enlightening.

The materials are very informative and helpful in knowing how to check for signs that cancer may be developing in your dog.

Knowing what foods are healthful for the cancer patient and what foods to avoid is information I couldn’t find anywhere else. I will NEVER allow my dogs to have anything on the “foods to avoid” list. Knowing what herbs are considered “anti cancer” is also information I would not have seen anywhere else. Your recipes are wonderful! I can allow my dogs variety in their diet without risking their well-being.

Thank you again.


Kathy Sins, Grayson, and Paladin”

Mr Peabody Kathy and Grayson

Kathy found the audio interviews in the Canine Cancer Chronicles very enlightening (see more on the next page)

Logan, Kathy, Grayson and Paladin Kathy and Paladin

Kathy, pictured here with Grayson & Paladin says “the materials are VERY informative & helpful”

“See For Yourself the Information We’ve Included”

Here is the index of the book, see for yourself exactly the info you discover that helps you improve or even save the life of your dog:

Chapter 1 – What is Canine Cancer & What To Look For  
Cancer In Dogs_________________________________________________ 7
The Cruel Killer_________________________________________________ 8
What Is Cancer?________________________________________________ 8
Benign vs. Malignant______________________________________________ 9
Metastasis_____________________________________________________ 11
Early Detection & The Most Common Signs____________________________ 11
But Don’t Take Our Word For It!____________________________________ 12
Chapter 2 – Causes & Circumstances Leading to Canine Cancer  
Causes & Care Considerations______________________________________ 14
Canine Cancer Causes____________________________________________ 15
Carcinogens____________________________________________________ 15
Tumor Viruses__________________________________________________ 16
Chemical Carcinogens____________________________________________ 16
Physical Carcinogens_____________________________________________ 18
Genetic Defects_________________________________________________ 19
Inherited Genetic Defects__________________________________________ 19
Acquired Genetic Defects__________________________________________ 20
Various Physical Circumstances_____________________________________ 20
Immune System Shortcomings_______________________________________ 20
Hormonal Factors________________________________________________ 21
Vaccinations____________________________________________________ 21
Obesity_______________________________________________________ 23
Care Considerations______________________________________________ 24
Treatment Decisions______________________________________________ 24
Testing Options_________________________________________________ 25
Assembling the Care Team_________________________________________ 26
Chapter 3 – Cause, Symptoms, Treatment & Prognosis of the 7 Top Canine Cancers
Most Prevalent Canine Cancers In The United States_____________________ 34.95
Adenocarcinoma (Mammary Cancer)_________________________________ 28
Rates_________________________________________________________ 28
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 28
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 29
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 30
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 30
Cutaneous & Mast Cell Tumors (Skin Cancer)__________________________ 31
Rates_________________________________________________________ 32
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 32
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 33
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 33
Grades of Mast Cell Tumors_______________________________________ 34
Stages of Mast Cell Tumors________________________________________ 35
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 35
Hemangiosarcoma_______________________________________________ 35
Rates_________________________________________________________ 38
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 38
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 38
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 38
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 40
Lymphosarcoma (Lymphoma)______________________________________ 41
Rates_________________________________________________________ 41
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 41
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 42
Symptoms & Diagnosis___________________________________________ 42
Stages of Lymphosarcoma_________________________________________ 43
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 44
Oropharyngeal (Mouth Cancer)_____________________________________ 46
Rates_________________________________________________________ 46
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 46
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 46
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 46
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 34.95
Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer)_______________________________________ 48
Rates_________________________________________________________ 48
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 48
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 49
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 49
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 50
Testicular Tumors________________________________________________ 50
Rates_________________________________________________________ 51
Causes & Prevention_____________________________________________ 51
Age, Breed & Sex Predilection______________________________________ 51
Symptoms & Diagnosis____________________________________________ 51
Treatment & Prognosis____________________________________________ 52
Chapter 4 – Mainstream, Cutting Edge & Experimental Treatments Explained
Experimental Treatment Options_____________________________________ 54
The Downside Of Typical Treatment Options___________________________ 55
Adverse Aspects Of Surgery And Amputation__________________________ 55
Adverse Aspects Of Radiation Therapy_______________________________ 55
Adverse Aspects Of Chemotherapy__________________________________ 56
Antiangiogenesis Therapy__________________________________________ 58
Clinical Trials___________________________________________________ 59
Cryosurgery____________________________________________________ 59
Gene Therapy___________________________________________________ 60
Half-Body Irradiation (HBI)________________________________________ 61
Holistic Measures________________________________________________ 61
Acupuncture____________________________________________________ 61
Static Magnetic Therapy___________________________________________ 62
Healing Touch__________________________________________________ 62
Hyperthermia___________________________________________________ 62
Immunotherapy__________________________________________________ 63
Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)______________________________________ 64
Vaccine Therapy________________________________________________ 64
Chapter 5 – Additional Canine Cancer Considerations  
Support, Care & Maintenance______________________________________ 65
Online Resources & Support Groups_________________________________ 66
Schools Of Veterinary Medicine_____________________________________ 67
Pet Insurance___________________________________________________ 68
Reducing Risk Factors____________________________________________ 70
Chapter 6 – Cancer Nutritional Therapy & Supplements  
Nutrition_______________________________________________________ 72
Dietary Needs Of The Cancer Patient_________________________________ 73
Combating Chemotherapy Side Effects________________________________ 75
The BARF Diet_________________________________________________ 76
Supplementation_________________________________________________ 76
Vitamins, Antioxidants & Immunostimulants_____________________________ 77
Anti-Cancer Herbs_______________________________________________ 78
Organ & System Support__________________________________________ 79
Chapter 7 – Cancer Nutritional Therapy Recipes  
General Recipes For the Canine Cancer Patient__________________________ 80
Beef Kebabs With Eggplant Puree___________________________________ 83
Chicken & Egg Soufflé____________________________________________ 84
Cheeseburger Blend______________________________________________ 85
Crockpot Chicken Chow__________________________________________ 86
Fish & Egg Scramble_____________________________________________ 87
Hamburger Omelet_______________________________________________ 88
Liver Squares___________________________________________________ 89
Pork & Eggs With Chinese Vegetables________________________________ 90
Pork & Tofu Stir-Fry_____________________________________________ 91
Premium Omelet_________________________________________________ 92
Salmon Special__________________________________________________ 93
Salmon Stew___________________________________________________ 94
Sausage Stew___________________________________________________ 95
Veal Meatballs__________________________________________________ 96
Chapter 8 – Recipes to Reduce Chemotherapy Side-Effects  
Recipes For Combating Chemotherapy Side Effects______________________ 97
Easy As Pumpkin Pie_____________________________________________ 98
Mom’s Meatloaf_________________________________________________ 99
Whitefish & Kidney Beans With Lemon Vinaigrette_______________________ 100
Chapter 9 – Raw Cancer Recipes  
Recipes For The BARF Diet________________________________________ 102
Chopped Liver Mix______________________________________________ 103
Frozen Beef Packs_______________________________________________ 104
Ground Beef Mix________________________________________________ 105
Puppy Vaccination & Worming Schedule______________________________ 106
Incidence of Mammary Tumors In Spayed Dogs_________________________ 106
Incidence of Different Cancers In Canines______________________________ 107
Breed Predilection To Canine Cancers________________________________ 107
General Information Websites_______________________________________ 108
Online Support Groups____________________________________________ 108
Schools Of Veterinary Medicine_____________________________________ 109
Antioxidant & Immunostimulant Vitamins & Herbs_______________________ 110
Anti-Cancer Herb Formulas________________________________________ 111
Supplements For Organ & System Support_____________________________ 111
Keeping Homemade Food Healthful__________________________________ 112
Resources_____________________________________________________ 113
Bibliography____________________________________________________ 113
Websites______________________________________________________ 113

That’s over 100 pages of practical information which empower you to care for your dog in the loving, caring way you want to.

” Your Information Was a Godsend… I Have

Realistic Hopes For 5 More Joy Filled Years”


Ruth is says she is building a menu plan with the recipes in Canine Cancer

because her dog Jenny just returned home from cancer surgery

“Thank you so much Andrew. My Jenny just came home from surgery, and with the information that you

have provided, I have realistic hope for 5 more joy filled years with her.

Sadly, I lost my 13 year old Sheltie to cancer of the mouth last February, and then my 16 year old Beagle
died horribly in April of stomach cancer. You can imagine my panic when 12 year old Jenny became sick.

Your information was a godsend – all of it. It has helped me to make treatment decisions, and I am now
building a menu plan with recipes to restore her to health.

Ruth L.”

Notice we included 4 chapters just about nutrition, including 21 carefully designed recipes specifically for dog’s with cancer, here’s why…

“The 7 Scientifically-Supported Reasons Nutrition is Your Most Powerful Weapon Against Cancer”

With your copy of Canine Cancer SECRETS™, you give your dog the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible because correct cancer nutrition:

  1. Correct nutrition drastically decreases the chances of developing cancer

  2. Correct cancer nutrition increases the effectiveness of therapy

  3. Increases speed-of-recovery from therapy

  4. Enhances wound healing after surgery

  5. Prevents malnutrition associated with cancer and cancer therapy (cancer cachexia)

  6. Improves quality of life

  7. And most importanly, correct nutrition keeps your beautiful, smiling dog healthy and by your side for the longest time possible.

“Until There is a Cure, Knowledge

is Your Best Defense”

Noble and Teresa

Teresa pictured with Noble says her last dog died the day

she noticed he was sick & will this time use the info in

Canine Cancer Secrets to know how to catch it early

“Hi Andy, I found the information very thorough and informative. There were no obvious signs of how sick my last guy was – we went out for 2 big walks the day he passed – the first clue was not eating his dinner but by then it was too late.

Cancer is a horrible disease and anything that you can do to be informed and catch it early is totally worthwhile. Until there is a cure knowledge is your best defense.

Teresa J”

This is Professor Olgilvie’s recommendation for cancer dog owners like you:

“Nutritional Intervention MUST Begin

Early & MUST Be Followed Through

Gain Maximum Benefit”

“There is little question that nutritional intervention must begin early and must be followed through aggressively to gain maximum benefit….

….long before the patient exhibits evidence of weight loss, debilitation, or anorexia begin which can in turn enhance response to therapy and improve quality of life.”

CONCLUSION: When the world’s leading authority on the effects of nutrition on canine cancer says he has no doubt you should start a cancer diet for your dog ASAP, then its time to act.

“Answered A LOT of the Questions I Had”


Kathy had many questions which her vet didn’t

have time to answer but she found all

in Canine Cancer SECRETS

“Highly useful and inciting material.

I don’t think I could get enough time with my vet in order to receive this much information!

It answered a lot of the questions that I had. Everything from nutrition, to overall diet, vitamin and mineral necessities in the canine body, signs to look for in determining illness and disease – it’s all there in black and white.

Thank You Andy!

Kathy S.”

“We’ve Recommended It to All the Dog Owners I Know”

“hi recieved the cancer secrets & found it extremly informative.

my poor old dog ben has gained the most from it though, the recipes have gone down a treat, he has more energy & it makes sneaking in his medication easier as he just ‘woofs'(ha ha)it down witout disecting it first,as he usually does.

touch wood, i won’t need to refer to it again with my other dog

happy there is someone who cares enough to put the effort into such a publication.

we’ve recommended it to all the dog owners i know  

thanks andy

love peta b. benny & lobo”

“Who Are You & Why Should I Listen To You?”

Hi, my name is Andrew Lewis and I’m a dog expert. Here’s a little about me and why my advice can help you —

  • I’ve authored many top-selling books including:

    • Dog Food SECRETS™
    • 68 Dog Food Ingredients to Die For™
    • The Confidential Dog Food Report™
    • Dry Dog Food SECRETS™
    • The Top 10 Alternative Cures for Canine Cancer (see next page)
    • Canine Allergy SECRETS
    • The Top 10 Alternative Cures For Canine Allergies
    • Canine Diet Changeover Guide
    • Recipes For Dogs With Special Needs
    • Homemade Canine Supplements Guide
    • Dry Dog Food SECRETS
    • And many more

  • My company owns this popular online club for dog owners

    • Dog Book of the Month Club™

  • 8 months before the Dog Food Poisoning Crisis of 2007, I had already begun telling as many dog owners as I could to stop using commercial dog food and swap to a home-made diet using the guidelines I recommended.

    • The dogs of the many thousands of owners that followed my advice were completely safe from the food poisoning and recall.

  • Over 2,000,000 dog owners have visited my web sites in the past 12 months

  • My blog has over 2000 comments from dog owners, most of them appreciation for the infromation we provide

See for yourself what more dog owners are saying about Canine Cancer SECRETS..

“Take Andy’s Dietary Advice VERY SERIOUSLY”


I believe your ideas are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to anyone who wants their beloved pet to hang around for a long time, and love life, with you, for as long as possible.

This notion includes taking your dietary advice VERY SERIOUSLY, without delay.


tina s”

“Canine Cancer SECRETS Helped Me

Great Deal During a Very Difficult Time”


Julie says she was able to understand the

cancer Maya had & the treatments she

from reading Canine Cancer SECRETS

“Hi Andrew this is my beautiful Ridgeback Maya who at only 3 years old was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour on her leg.

I bred Maya myself and thought I had always provided the best of everything for her so it was a terrible blow to discover that the expensive dog food I fed her could have actually given her cancer.

I found the information in your book cancer secrets for dogs very interesting and it helped me to understand this horrible disease and the treatment Maya received.

Thankfully Maya has been given the all clear and I will certainly use the knowledge I gained from your book to help protect her and my other dogs from cancer from now on.

Thankyou for sharing this knowledge it helped me a great deal during a very difficult time.

Kind regards from Julie & Maya”

“There is So Much I Learned From You In One Spot That I Was Not Able to Decipher In My Countless Hours Surfing the Web”

Ingrid and Taylor

Ingrid, pictured here with Kara, wishes she got the book when Kara was first diagnosed with cancer

“I wish I had this book and all your wonderful info a few months ago when Kara was diagnosed with Intestinal cancer.

There is so much I have learned from you in one spot that I was not able to decipher in my many countless hours surfing the web.

When Kara was diagnosed she was already in stage III and we began chemotherapy. She was given 4-6 months with the treatment as it was inoperable (so we were told).

Kara only lived another 3 weeks.

Now 5 months later Kara’s mother, Ashley 13 yrs, has been diagnosed with Acanthomatous ameloblastoma (epulis)stage I.

Since we caught her highly aggressive cancer early and we took her back in to get better margin removal we are hopeful that she will have a better more comfortable golden years especially with all the awesome information in your book “Canine Cancer Secrets”.

The tables of supplements and brief description and purpose will be very handy to keep on hand also. Most of all, it is nice to have some raw diet recipes that I can feed now.

Thanks for your wonderful book !

I will definitely be passing along the name of your book.

Ingrid Mills-Knight & Taylor.”

“If Bear Gets Cancer, I Will Know What to Do”

“Hi Andy,


Linda found the advice from the cancer interview with celebrity vet Dr. Chris Cauble very helpful

(See order page for details on that interview)

My dog, Bear, does not have cancer, but I found the information in Canine Cancer Secrets on preventing cancer to be extremely informative.

Dr. Cauble’s suggestion that we stay away from chemicals we use in our homes until there is more evidence about how they may effect our pets’ health is a well made point.

Another great thing about Canine Cancer Secrets is that if in the event Bear gets cancer (God forbid) I will be better informed about what to do.

I will be able to make informed and rational decisions concerning his care and treatment.

Thank you,

Bear and Linda M”

So, how much?

“Ok, How Much Does Your

of Canine Cancer SECRETS Cost?”

Let me start by detailing the costs involved if your dog has cancer. This is a typical course of treatment recommended by your vet:

Reason Cost
Vet consultation


2nd opinion


Initial cancer specialist consultation


Biopsy, blood work, x-rays


5 Radiation therapy sessions ($900/session)


5 Chemotherapy sessions ($500/session)






A typical course of cancer treatment recommended by an animal cancer specialist would cost about $9,000.00

And I’m not even going to mention to emotional cost to you and the suffering endured by your dog.

But what if…

“You Don’t Have to Leave Everything to Your Vet & Stand By Feeling Helpless While Your Dog Dies From Cancer! You Can Personally Make a Huge Difference Beginning Today.. We Show You Exactly How”

You don’t have to leave it all in the hands of your vet.

I hope from reading this page you see, there is MUCH you can do to save your dog’s life.

Given the potential financial cost of cancer is $9,000.00… (or even the life of your beautiful dog) isn’t it a logical, sensible and the loving thing to make a much, much smaller investment now in the health and longevity of your dog?

Of course it won’t take $9,000.00 to get your copy of Canine Cancer SECRETS

Not $1,000.00

Not $500.00

Not $300.00

Not $200.00

Not $100.00

Not $50.00

Let’s take another quick look at everything you get and each item’s retail value if sold alone:


Retail Price

Canine Cancer SECRETS™ (book)


Special Price


Your copy of Canine Cancer SECRETS™ Package is only $77.00 $34.95… but I’m also going to give you this bonus, absolutely free if you buy today.

A very special bonus for you is...

“How to Help Your Dog Overcome

the Emotional Causes of Cancer”

It is standard practice for holistic vets to determine the emotional state of your dog before diagnosing and prescribing medicine… and the results can be astounding.

Long existing conditions that do not respond to mainstream vet treatments can literally change overnight when the emotional cause of illness is addressed.

Emotional stress you haven’t even noticed may be a factor in

your dog’s cancer. Discover how to tell & what to do about it

Listen as Dr Clare Middle, a 30-year veterinarian that practices holistic vet medicine full-time explains to you:

  1. How to determine if your dog has emotional stress

  2. The possible causes of your dog’s emotional stress

  3. Which emotions are linked with cancer in which organs (eg. fear, worry, guilt, grief etc)

  4. What you can do to alleviate your dog’s emotional stress

  5. What you should do in your own life to help

Even if you think this is too ‘far-out’, don’t write it off because we are talking about the life of your best-loved-friend… so why not try everything you can to save your dog from the pain and death of cancer.

So what does that add up to now?

“Let’s Summarize…”

Lets add in the bonuses now and look at the total value of everything you get in this pack.

Everything here has a total retail value of $174, but on this page only get it for 1/5 of that price.


Retail Price

Today’s Price

Canine Cancer SECRETS™ (book)



How to Treat the Emotional Causes

of your Dog’s Cancer Audio



How to Treat the Emotional Causes

of your Dog’s Cancer Transcript



TOTAL Retail Price


TOTAL Special Price


“Very Grateful to Have This Resource”

Vlaid and Peenie

Vlaid (pictured with Peenie) says even though Peenie is still healthy, he feels anyone who’s

dog has been diagnosed with cancer would be very grateful to have this resource on hand

“I really enjoyed Canine Cancer Secrets. You went into great detail about the different types of cancer and everything surrounding each kind. I love the fact that you included prevention measures too.

There was a great deal of research involved for you! I’m happy to say Peenie has very good health, and things like your book are going to help me keep it that way.

I’m sure if there are people who did get this because their dog has been diagnosed, are very grateful to have this resource, and the recipes for meals to help their loved companion heal.

Thank you for all of the great help you give to the canine species and their owners.


Vlaid LaFave (Peenies human)”

Here’s a few of the benefits you’ll get…

“The Top 10 Benefits You & Your Dog

Get From Canine Cancer SECRETS”

I guarantee if you implement the info you discover in Canine Cancer SECRETS:

  1. Dog cancer is never able to sneak up on you again because you know the signs & symptoms of the 7 most common types of cancer

  2. You don’t spend days searching the internet for advice on treatment options & their expected outcomes because you have all the information on hand in simple, easy-to-understand english.

  3. You are prepared for the side-effects your dog experiences to the major treatment options & can instantly provide the type of comfort she requires

  4. He begin eating a cancer-specific diet today because you have all the nutritional therapy recipes you need (remember Professor Olgilvie says you MUST start nutritional therapy ASAP)

  5. Her recovery from chemoterapy is accelerated using chemotherapy-specific nutritional therapy recipes

  6. Your dog responds to all cancer treatments better-than-ever because studies show nutritional therapy makes treatments more effective at killing the cancer

  7. She also recovers from cancer treatments and surgery rapidly because studies show nutritional therapy increases wound healing and recovery from treatments.

  8. He suffers less and has better quality of life because studies show dogs with good nutritional status have geatly decreased side-effects to treatments and sustain a better quality of life

  9. You add emotional treatment to your defense against cancer, something your current vet is probably ignoring but which holistic vets consider a MAJOR consideration because they know emotional healing can sometimes have a ‘miraculous’ effect.

  10. Basically, when its all added up, you discover how you can stop standing by feeling helpless between vet visits and instead personally make a drastic difference in the outcome of your dog’s cancer even to the point of curing it yourself .

    AND much, much more (like how to participate in clinical trials, experimental treatments showing promise etc)!

“Andy, Without People Like You We Would

Stay in the Dark…
Don’t Leave It Up to the Vets!”

“Dear Andy,

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your life to provide other dog owners with information that can help save their dog’s life or make it a better life.

With out people like you we would stay in the dark.

Currently, my dog Willa has had 3 different surgeries, a total of 9 cancer cysts removed and she appears to have more.

I can not thank you enough for providing the information that you do.

Don’t leave it up to the vets.



Thanks again Andy

And I look forward to anything else you have to offer.

Stella Lane”

This is what happens if you don’t like it…

“I Absolutely, 100% Guarantee That

Once You See “Canine Cancer SECRETS”, You

Will Be Convinced It Can Improve the

Health & Add Years to the Life of Your Dog”

“I’m So Confident, You Get My

Risk-Free, 60-Day Money Back Promise!”

Let me tell you about our 100% guarantee & hear for yourself I’m a real person  

60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get you’re copy of “Canine Cancer SECRETS™”…

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the info in “Canine Cancer SECRETS™”, you can contact me for a full refund.

I know this can add years to the life of your dog because I’ve heard from hundreds of dog owners already with stories of the great successes they’ve had (you can see some of them on this page).

If, at any time within the first 60-days you are not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, let me know and I refund 100% of your money ASAP, no questions asked…

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“Had a Profound Effect On Me”

Doug, Tim and Father Frank

Rhonda says she has COMPLETELY changed the way she feeds her

greyhounds because of what she discovered in Canine Cancer SECRETS

“I have stopped feeding all 3 of my greyhounds any commercial pet food.

Your materials had a profound affect on me. 

Im sure this will have an affect on the rest of my dogs lives…..

pic of Dug, Tim and Father Frank attached

Rhonda E”

“What If…”

What if you discover just 1 thing in Canine Cancer SECRETS that decreases your dog’s suffering… would it be worth givng your dog that precious gift?

What if you discover just one thing that gives him better quality of life… when you see your dog more comfortable & at ease will you be pleased you found out?

What if you discover just one thing that has your dog in-your-life, smiling and wagging her tail for many more years… when you are hugging her healthy body years later, will you look back with gratitude and satisfaction because you made the decision to find out?


For just $34.95 that a very big return.

And of course if you’re not satisfied, request a refund and get every cent back.

“…A Lot More Energetic”


Abbigayle’s dogs have shown a lot more energy since changing to the cancer diet we recommend

“Sonny and Lucie are a lot more energetic now that we tried canine cancer secrets.

We have to be there 24/7 now, just to keep them occupied!”

Abbigayle M

Listen to this..

“Advice From My Own Personal Experience…

…What Would You Do in the Same Situation?”

No one has never experienced true loss until something you love with-all-your-heart dies.

If you’ve already lost a dog or more to a fatal disease then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

My dog, Noble died from a fatal disease over a 6-week period while I stood by, hopeless, not knowing what to do.

“If you can imagine… it was intensely heart-wrenching to watch my dog transform from a robust and vibrant personality to a frail, crippled being, whose every moment was filled with undeserved suffering”

Later I discovered I had the power to save his life or at the very least, greatly reduce his suffering — but I did neither because I had never thought to find out until it was too late.

The grief, regret and shame I felt was tremedous, it crushed me. A small investment of money and time could have saved his life but I took the gamble instead and lost… Please do better than I did.


“Securely Add Canine Cancer SECRETS™

to Your Shopping Cart”

YES Andy, I’m ready to get my copy of Canine Cancer SECRETS and give my dog the best chance possible to beat cancer and I understand it includes:

  • Canine Cancer SECRETS™ the book

PLUS I get a bonus copy of:

  • How to Treat the Emotional Causes of Your Dog’s Cancer Audio Recording
  • How to Treat the Emotional Causes of Your Dog’s Cancer Transcript

With the bonuses, the total retail price is $174.00 but I can get my copy right now for only $77.00 $34.95

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“If I Had Know All This Information 1

Ago I Could Have Saved My Baby Boys”

“Dear Andy

Rebecca and Dotsy

Rebecca says if she’d had this information earlier she could have

saved the life of her dogs or at least added 5 years to their lives

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with the Canine owners who care deeply for the 4 legged, fur faced members of the family, they are so precious to us.

The information is very informational, what I got from it was, if I had known all this information 15 years ago or even 1 year ago, I maybe could have saved my baby boys at least had them live much longer.

But now I am more aware of what I need to watch for with Dotsy, she is even more special because she is deaf.. at least I have lots more knowledge this time around, and who to ask if I have questions.

Again, I do sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Sincerely Rebecca and Dotsy

Thank you,

Andrew Lewis

PS. Remember, if you don’t like Canine Cancer SECRETS, let us know within 60 days & you get a 100% money-back refund.

PPS. On this page ONLY can you get Canine Cancer Secrets™ for just $34.95… compared to the cost of conventional treatment of up to $9000.00, this is a very small investment that makes a HUGE difference in all aspects of your dog’s victory over cancer.

PPPS. My Final Thought…

“Regret through in-action is no substitute for having your loving dog by-your-side…

…everyday I live with the regret of not acting when I had the chance to save the life of my dog, please don’t repeat my mistake”

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“..Has an Enormous Amount of Useful Information”



Sandi’s already had 2 dogs die from cancer but says now she has Canine Cancer SECRETS

she feels much more confident about preventing it happening to Roxy (pictured)

This is Roxy.

She is a beautiful German shepherd mix and we love her very much.

I am so thrilled with the information in Canine Cancer SECRETS.

I have had two wonderful dogs die with cancer and am doing everything in my power to see that the same thing does not happen to Roxy!

The Canine Cancer SECRETS has an enormous amount of useful information that will help to prevent that from happening to her.

I thank you very much!!!

Sandi S.”

You’ve seen on this page, 20 other dog owners like you that got a great deal from Canine Cancer SECRETS.

You can hear in their voices how relieved and pleased they are to have gotten a copy. If you’re dog has cancer then I guarantee you’re going to experience the same relief and satisfaction these other dog owners did when you get your copy of Canine Cancer SECRETS today.

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