Business ideas for womens at home | Success story of women entrepreneur in telugu – 166

September 29, 2018 - Comment

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Small business success stories in telugu | Story of successful indian women Kattoju Venkata Nooka nagaratnam | పట్టుదలే పెట్టుబడి గా పరిశ్రమ ప్రారంభించి, లక్షల్లో ఆదాయం సంపాదిస్తున్న మహిళ సక్సెస్ స్టొరీ | స్పూర్తి వంతమైన ఓ మహిళ విజయగాధ | Work from home business ideas in telugu | Successful startup story in telugu| small business ideas in telugu.
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This is the video about | Story of successful indian women Kottoju Venkata Nooka nagaratnam in chodavaram, anakapalli mandalam, Andhra pradesh. She was succeed in polythene covers making industry in telugu. successful entrepreneurs stories in telugu and inspirational stories of Woman, Andhra Pradesh.
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Video Disclaimer :
This video is non promotional, You need to get proper training & knowledge About the concerned employment idea. Before starting business, i suggest you to first get training & other knowedge from manufacturer of machine.
this video is created only to provide educational information about above said business. This channel
is not responsible for any profit or loss in any business. It all depend on business strategy and your hard work.
You must research yourself before start any business. this video is for education purpose only.
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