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How do other entrepreneurs and business professionals secure credit to launch or expand their businesses?…Check out the following video to see how aspiring entrepreneurs  and investors are igniting their business goals  with the strategic  use of business credit: Learn how to build business credit with Eric in easy-to-understand video lessons.Keep track of your progress and ensure…

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How do other entrepreneurs and business professionals secure credit to launch or expand their businesses?…

Check out the following video to see how aspiring entrepreneurs 

and investors are igniting their business goals 

with the strategic  use of business credit: 

Learn how to build business credit with Eric in easy-to-understand video lessons.

Keep track of your progress and ensure that you achieve each step.

Complete the Business Credit Blitz video course on your time at your own pace.

Download our ebooks, guides, and supplements while you build credit. 

Get our beginner business credit building roadmap to guide you as you begin your journey to build six figures in credit.

Learn practical ways to deploy your credit into cash-flowing businesses and investments.

We point you to the right creditors for each phase of the credit building process, increasing your approval odds.

Yep! We’ve got you covered here too. Learn replicable strategies to fix your own credit and save hundreds of dollars.

“Eric, as I sit here in my office closing out today’s business, I felt inclined to write this thank you note to you. I received payment from a client today for services rendered. The payment is rather sizeable and is attributed to my ability to increase the overall volume of service I provide to my clients as a result of my heightened access to business credit. 

Initially, I was against the idea of utilizing business credit to improve my business production, but after learning through your course that I could access credit with low and sometimes no interest, and also have my repayment terms extended upwards of 120 days, using business credit to increase production quickly became a very viable option. Six weeks after following your course, I’ve obtained a little over $140,000 in business credit lines. Thank you for opening my eyes to that which I did not see initially.

Onward & Upward,

 George G.”

Back in 2008, two close friends crossed the stage of a prestigious University. They joked about being separated at birth since they had so much in common. They had similar upbringings – raised by loving parents but grew up with very little and in borderline poverty. Despite the odds, they challenged themselves to break the mold, worked their butts off, and both landed in one of the top universities in the country – but what made them most alike was their desire to be successful entrepreneurs.

Fast forward to the present day, these two men reconnected during a group trip with their old college associates. Not much has changed as it relates to how much they had in common. Both had the same hobbies. Both had girlfriends with similar attributes. And both still had a love for the idea of investing and entrepreneurship as a way towards financial freedom, and the thought was unrelenting.

However, there was a glaring difference. One of the guys was still working at a job as a finance manager and he absolutely despised his job. He kept telling himself that “maybe next year will be the year I’ll have enough money to go out on my own and become a big-shot investor.” On the other hand, the other guy was a seasoned entrepreneur with a multi-million-dollar net worth.  

Have you ever sat and pondered, as I have many times before, what is the catalyst to make this kind of difference in people’s lives? It’s not intelligence, hard work, or innate talent. It surely isn’t that one person craves success while the other does not.

The difference rests upon what each person knows and how he or she utilizes that knowledge. And that is why I’m presenting to you and people like you, the Business Credit Blitz video course.

There’s just one key purpose for the Business Credit Blitz video course:

To give its students financial knowledge that’s hard to come by – knowledge that can be used to secure the financing and credit needed to make your entrepreneurial and investment dreams turn into a reality. No more waiting for “the right time” or spending years saving, yet never having quite enough to take the leap.

Here’s the thing – the Business Credit Blitz video course is one-of-a-kind. It’s the only course that provides live updates as finance and credit climates change.

You begin with all of the steps necessary to build over six figures in business credit that would be nearly impossible to find and properly piece together alone – and you stay in the loop with the latest credit hacks and strategies as things change over time.

No matter where you’re starting out (seasoned business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, would-be real estate investor, you name it), the Business Credit Blitz video course provides every nugget of information needed to go from Zero to Six Figures in business credit even if you don’t have a business established yet. And if you do have a business, it doesn’t need to be generating sales.

The Business Credit Blitz video course gives you the exact blueprint you need to build a sizeable amount of business credit and finally live out your dreams rather than chasing money while working at a 9-to-5, further delaying your entrepreneurial goals.

Right now, I’m observing the details of the Business Credit Blitz video course, the best-put-together training course on building business credit in North America. It combines all the tiny steps most people overlook (and usually pay for the oversight), while also providing big picture steps that can ultimately lead to the beginning of entrepreneurial greatness. Every step to building business credit is covered. There are sections on store credit, top-tier credit cards, business loans, and even on how to repair your personal credit easily.

The Business Credit Blitz video course is also the single best source for teaching you how to not only build credit, but also utilize it to make money whether you want to buy real estate, invest in the stock market, or resell the merchandise. You’ll learn how to do it all, all while paying no interest on the credit used.

If you’re looking to build credit and secure funds for your projects, you cannot imagine how handy the Business Credit Blitz video course can be.

Put my words on the line of proof and gain access today. Just pay four payments of $149 over the next 4 weeks. This is among the most inexpensive package deal I’ve ever offered – and an excellent way to get introduced to all that the Business Credit Blitz video course has to offer.

Or you may prefer to take advantage of my better buy – Lifetime access for $497. You save $100 with your one-time payment of the Business Credit Blitz video course.

Simply click the link below to get started. And here’s the Business Credit Blitz guarantee: if you follow the steps described within, the program to precession, you are guaranteed to have at least three credit accounts within the first 30 days that more than make up the purchase cost of the course. 

About those two college friends I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: both graduated together from the same University and together started in the business world.  So, the question is, what made their lives in business different?

The Answer? Knowledge. Useful knowledge. And its application.

The Business Credit Blitz video course provides the knowledge you need to be the entrepreneurial success story that you’ve always imagined becoming.

I cannot promise you that success will be your right away if you start watching videos from the Business Credit Blitz video course. But I can guarantee that you will find the Business Credit Blitz video course extremely useful, notice highly replicable action steps, and recognize the benefits that can be yours by simply watching and doing.

To Your Success,

Eric Miller


P.S. An important thing to note – The Business Credit Blitz video course may be tax-deductible. Ask your tax professional. 

I was completely fed up with seeing other entrepreneurs bask in all of the benefits of credit card perks, and having credit on reserve to grow their businesses and invest in new ones while I could barely get approved for an Office Depot store card. 

And after going through several years of owning a business that was, at best, stagnate, possessing assets that were nominal in value, and feeling doubtful about achieving my entrepreneurial goals, I finally cracked the code. 

The strategies I uncovered helped me to amass hundreds of thousands in credit and loans. It helped me to finally pursue my investment goals and solidify my business. 

Even more importantly, it helped me to achieve financial freedom and solidify my goal to never have to work another 9-to-5 another day of my life unless I owned the business – AND GET STARTED ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO ME! 

Entrepreneurial dominance. 

Business prominence. 

And the ability to start a business from scratch, grow the one I already own or diversify my investments. 

I want you to have access to this same material. And now you can.

The Business Credit Blitz Video Course is set up in an 8-week format, online, HD video course that gives you the tools and strategies necessary to obtain six figures in business credit…and to START achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do entrepreneurially yet. 

This course isn’t about credit hacks or credit card reviews. If you wanted those, you could have already found “gurus”, YouTube videos, and thousands of search results on Google.  

Instead, the Business Credit Blitz Video Course goes much deeper. It’s not about meaningless business credit fun facts. It’s about you FINALLY having the access to credit you need to start, grow, and sustain your business.

  • An all-new, battle-tested video course by Eric Miller and Co-Founder, David Cohen on How to go from zero to six figures in business credit. Learn how to establish your business, build an identity for your business, make your business creditworthy, and establish credit and get the approvals you need from the start – helping you to avoid denials most new business owners and entrepreneurs face. 
  • Easy-to-follow six-figure business credit roadmap. Building business credit can be a very daunting process. Lots of business owners either waste tons of money on purchases for their business that they think they will report to their business credit profiles, only to see no results, or simply can’t seem to figure out how to establish and grow business credit in the first place. My easy-to-follow six-figure business credit roadmap will take all of the guesswork out of building business credit and show you EXACTLY what you have to do each step of the way in order to obtain six figures in business credit.
  • Proprietary credit enhancement tactics to give your personal credit a significant boost. A lot of new business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike face challenges with their personal credit scores and reports, often hindering their access to credit – business and personal. With my proprietary credit enhancement strategies, you’ll learn how to repair your credit and improve your personal credit scores without hiring expensive credit specialists.
  • How to incorporate your business and obtain the equivalent of a social security number for your business. These are the foundational steps to prepare yourself for large sums of credit in the form of credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. 
  • How I went from near bankruptcy to over a million dollars in business credit and the exact recipe I used to achieve this. 
  • How to establish starter credit accounts that will lay the foundation for larger credit limits. You’ll establish credit with retailers, vendors, and creditors that actually report good payment history and thus, help you to build your business credit profile – allowing you access to more credit in further phases.
  • How to repair your personal credit and heighten your odds of approvals for business credit. Not only will you boost your personal credit score, but also see how to clean up your personal credit report.
  • How to make your business credit work for you with my comprehensive investment guide. See a handful of business ventures and investments that you can take advantage of. 
  • How to multiply your credit limits with my credit multiplier tactic. This will help you to achieve six figures in credit much faster. 
  • How to accumulate credit with no personal guarantees. 
  • How to properly handle denials and turn them into approvals with most creditors and vendors that you use to apply for credit. 
  • When to move forward with your next level of credit accounts and when to hold off – never second guess if you should submit an application or not.
  • The right way to leverage your available credit so that you can keep making progress towards growing your credit…even without applying to other accounts. 
  • And much more…

(Note: He’s promoting Business Credit Blitz version one, but the principles are the same)

Fund Your Real Estate Investments

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate investor but lack the necessary financing to pursue your dream, I’ll show you how to build business credit that can be used to finance your real estate investment endeavors. See the video to the right for a real-life example.

Business Credit to Invest in Stocks

Sometimes cash is either scarce or risky to lose. In cases like this, business credit provides you with alternative funding that may be used to make the stock investments you want without risking your own money. See the real-life example in the video to the left.

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