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Dear Friend, Here’s a quick survey that could make a dramatic impact on the amount of muscle you gain in the next 60 days.  Answer these 5 questions:  (Simply check YES or NO) If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is that: In the next 5 minutes, as you read every word of this article, you are going…

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Dear Friend,

Here’s a quick survey that
could make a dramatic impact on
the amount of muscle you gain
in the next 60 days.  Answer these 5 questions: 
check YES or NO)

If you answered YES to
any (or all) of the above, the
good news
is that:

In the next 5 minutes, a
you read every word of this article, you are
going to learn an industrial strength approach
to nutrition and bodybuilding that will show you how to gain
5, 10,  even 15 pounds of muscle
 or more
in the next 90 days.

Users of my ‘new approach’ to diet and exercise
typically experience an immediate and
dramatic boost
in their self
confidence and self esteem levels. Not to mention a ton of 
attention from the opposite sex.

FACT: All women want to feel safe
and protected
 and are  dramatically more
attracted to guys with well

 developed physiques, than
to men who appear physically weak.

You’ll learn power-packed weight
training routines and nutritional formulas specifically designed
to help underweight guys gain muscular weight

“The Truth About About Gaining Weight, Building
Muscles, and Why The Articles In Bodybuilding Magazines
and YouTube Videos Do Not Work
For Hard Gainers!”

The most important factor for building muscle
mass is knowledge. You must know
the correct nutrition and exercise strategy for your specific
body type

Once you do, building muscle and gaining weight
is easy — and can be accomplished with mathematical certainty.
Knowing the correct training strategy is especially important
if you’re a ‘hard gainer.’ 

FACT: Over 85% of the
information available today about gaining weight and
muscle mass is written for people who gain
weight and build muscles 

The truth
of the matter is that the majority of hard gainers are not training
or eating for optimum muscular weight gain. They read articles
in the popular bodybuilding magazines and copy the training
routines they’ve read.

Then, when
the gains don’t materialize, they wonder why? 
give you case study in a moment
to prove this beyond a doubt.)

But let
me ask you this:
  If the training routines used by the
pro’s are so effective, why don’t more people look like Mr.
Olympia? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It’s not that the training
routines don’t work. Much of what they’re saying is valid.

Plus, the
majority of professional bodybuilders, if not ALL of
them, are incorporating synthetic growth
enhancing agents 
like anabolic steroids,
insulin, or human growth hormone in their
training programs — which explains the massive appearance of
their physiques.

What I’m
saying is that hardly anyone 
has adequately
addressed the unique training
and nutritional requirements of the hard gainer.

You see, most of the workout routines and diet
programs you’ll find in the bodybuilding magazines or on the
shelf at your local book stores are written by and for genetically
 people. The type that build mass just by
‘hanging out’ at the gym.


The 3 Body Types Defined


Did you know that
there are
 are 3
body types
 that you can inherit from your
parents. For maximum results, your weight training and nutrition
program must be
tailored to fit your body type. This is the key to building
 and gaining muscular

Okay, so if you’re a skinny guy, an
then you’ve got to train and eat much
 than an individual with a
mesomorphic or endomorphic physique.

example, many of the muscle building routines suggest
volume training — such as a high number of sets and
repetitions for the different exercises.

Training in this manner can be highly effective if have
a mesomorphic body type.

it’s often counter productive if
you are a hard gainer — often 
you just the opposite effect of what you are looking for
 weight loss!

If you are working out regularly and are still not gaining
mass chances are you are training  incorrectly for
your body type.

Once you begin training with the correct strategy,
you can expect spectacular gains in
both size and strength.

“The Amazing 3 Step Formula Guaranteed

To Help You Gain Weight No Matter

 How Skinny You May


Most hard gainers I’ve trained have naturally fast
metabolisms. To compensate for this requires higher food
consumption. You must increase your intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats.
This is mandatory.

But there’s a secret to eating that will increase your
ability to gain weight, by 20%.
Knowing this one secret can be the difference between
gaining 2 pounds in a month or 9. I’ll reveal more about
this secret later.


The best way for you to
build muscle mass and gain weight is through high
intensity short duration
 workouts. Your
workouts ideally should last no longer than 45 minutes.

The goal is to fully exhaust the muscles with heavy
weights, in a short period of time and then stop the


Getting proper rest is vital to your success. Workouts
aren’t directly responsible for building muscle and
gaining weight. The exercises are just a means to the

It’s during periods of rest and
 that the body rebuilds
muscle and gains weight. You
should arrange your life to provide yourself with ample
time to recuperate.

Remember, growth, rebuilding, and weight
 take place only during
periods of rest.

What’s Possible Once You Know The

‘Correct’ Training & Diet Strategy For Hard

But just don’t take
my word for it. Just take a look at the amazing case study of
Bruce Wilhelm, a Hard Gainer who
put these principles to work in his nutrition and weight lifting


Bruce Wilhelm wanted to train with
me in January 2018. At the time he
had tried everything short of
steroids to build muscle and gain
weight. He’d been training for 16
months and had only gained
ten pounds. Needless to say he was
disappointed with his results.

After reviewing his training program
it was immediately apparent why he wasn’t
gaining mass
. Bruce was training
the same body parts 3 times each

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday he
trained his entire body. Plus he was
doing too many sets
and repetitions. Finally the amount
of weight he was using was
insufficient to stimulate muscle

To further frustrate his
efforts,  he always felt
exhausted and was overwhelmed by
aches and pains.

The Three
Essential Changes


Bruce Do To
Make In Order To Gain Mass

First, I explained
that training the
same body parts
three times per week
was overkill.
Training this often
didn’t allow his
body to recuperate
and rebuild between
training sessions.

the constant aches
and pains were a
definite sign
of overtraining. I
totally revised his
workout program and
tailored it just for
his Hard Gainer

Next, I reviewed his
nutritional program.
I discovered he
wasn’t consuming
enough calories.

I modified his
diet adding more
protein and
carbohydrates and
completely restructured his
eating schedule.

Finally I advised
Bruce to take
time to relax
 and get
more rest
. At
the time he was
sleeping about 6 1/2
hours per night.

I suggested that he
try and get another
hour of sleep and
definitely 9 hours
or more sleep on
Saturday and Sunday.


The Basic Blueprint For Mass

What you’ve just read is my ‘basic blueprint’ for
building mass that always works
for hard gainers. By following this system Bruce was able to
make radical changes to his
physique in record time. Read what he had to say
after just 11 weeks on my new program.

“Without a doubt, I’m your typical Hard
Gainer. At age 24 I stood 6’3” tall and
weighed 169lbs. Over the years I tried
everything to gain weight. High calorie
protein drinks, working out 7 days a
week, vitamins, mega packs, and eating
huge meals before going to bed. Nothing

Then I started working with Eric. I admit, I
was skeptical because absolutely nothing had
worked in the past, but my skepticism was
soon replaced by results, both on the scale
and in the mirror.

During the first three weeks on his regimen
I gained four pounds. Four weeks later I’d
gained six more pounds. After eleven weeks
I’d gained a total of eighteen pounds. I
know it’s muscle because I’m cut razor

Thanks for providing a weight lifting
program that works!”

Bruce Wilhelm., Indiana

name is Eric Jones. I have over 40 years of experience in
bodybuilding, weight-lifting and nutrition. During
that time I’ve tested dozens of weight lifting routines and
nutritional programs.

a result of my extensive testing, I discovered exactly
what works
, to build muscle. Next, I
compiled everything I learned, 
an easy to follow system.  A
solid training program that I know works, based on the
experience of my many clients.

my new book, “Build Muscles Fast,” I reveal the identical
training system 
I recommend for my hard gainer
clients. Using this system you will gain the maximum amount of
muscle mass in the shortest period of time.

Build Muscles Fast is a methodical
 that includes
you need to dramatically
improve your
. It includes a massive arsenal of
tried, tested and proven training and nutrition formulas guaranteed
to help you gain weight and build muscle mass quickly

First of all, let
us speak frankly and honestly about what
this weight training system is not:

you want the genuine, “no

methods for gaining mass specifically created for hard
gainers and anyone looking for an effective training system
you are in the right place.

This system is based on decades of research and
gut busting hard work in the gym.  When you’re ready for
the “real deal”, this system provides the following:

Here’s What’s Included In Build Muscles Fast!


Plus, that’s not all… you’ll also get…

 The Hard Gainers Mass Building
Weight Gain Diet!

will discover a healthy balanced diet:

     Effective Natural
Supplements That Facilitate

Maximum Muscle and Weight Gain!

You’ll also discover the

The Powerful Role
Of The Mind In Building Muscle


Because the
 is the deciding factor in any
human goal achievment I want you to take full advantage of the
amazing power of your mind to reach your weight gaining goals.
In This section of the course you’ll find out how to:

Set and achieve the
physical goals of your choice.

Build confidence and a winning attitude.

Harness your
to propel you effortlessly  with your program.

The Vital Importance Of Rest & Recuperation


will learn:

Gained 11pounds in
20 weeks!

“It’s been 16 weeks since I started the
program – thank you! I have gained
twenty pounds of muscle (I started at
124lbs) and weigh more than I ever have
in my life.”

Steve W., Washington

Here’s Just A Few Of The Benefits Of

A Strong Muscular Physique:

Nothing Has Been Left Out!

Quite frankly, there isn’t a course out there that’s as
comprehensive as this — at any price — created specifically for
hard gainers. Why waste your time and energy with training
programs that were not designed
with your body type in mind?

not invest in a program that can help you gain up
to 15 pounds of muscle in the next 60 to 90?

don’t need to go through trial and error. By 
a copy
my new program you can condense
my years of experience into a realistic 2 to 3 month training

that’s guaranteed to produce fast results
for you i.e. muscular weigh gain in record

Eric, your training system works, hands
down, and is solely responsible for my
weight gain of 17 pounds
in the last 3 months
. The results are
incredible and I’m still gaining
Everyone swears
I’m on the ‘Juice’!”

Plus my strength levels have increased big
time. I’ve added 15 pounds to
my bench press and 25 pounds to
my leg press.”

Jason G., Michigan

that you’ve seen what you’ll be getting from Build
Muscles Fast
, here’s what you won’t be

Here’s What You Won’t Be Getting…

How Much Is All This Worth To You?

Hey look! Back when
I first got into bodybuilding, if someone had offered me this
course, I would have been willing to pay $60, $80, even $100.00
to learn how to gain mass quickly.

I’d have gladly paid that
much instead of going through years of testing
and experimentation

How about you?  How much is all this
worth to you?  What is the value of learning a unique
system of bodybuilding and nutrition that can 
up to 15 pounds of muscle to your physique in the next 60 to 90

What is it worth to
discover weight gain and muscle building strategies created
specifically for hard gainers —  that
are extremely effective?  

What is the value
of learning the three most important
weight gaining concepts from a physical fitness specialist who
knows what works and doesn’t work to build
muscles fast.

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee!

I insist that you try Build
Muscles Fast
 entirely at my risk.
That’s why this weight training course
with a Risk-Free, 60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee.
There’s absolutely NO RISK on
your part. Why am I going to such great lengths?

Even though I’ve been a personal trainer for
twelve years – I want you to feel absolutely certain there’s no
way you can “get taken.” After all, I’m a respected consultant
and my reputation is on the line.

So go ahead and get
a copy
 of Build
Muscles Fast today
. Read the information, put it
to work.

Build the physique you’ve always wanted. And remember, you
get a 60 day guarantee

You’re free to obtain a refund 60
days from now if you’re not seeing the results you want. Only
because I believe so deeply in this product can I offer this Iron-Clad

“Okay Eric – So What’s The Cost For
This Incredible Program?”

much sought after gain weight system is normally priced at
$77.00, but as a special “Internet introductory
offer” and for a limited time only it
is available for only $47.

Here’s even better news:  If you reserve your copy of the 
Muscles Fast
later than 
midnight, Sunday, 
11, 2021
you’ll also receive the following free bonuses

2 Valuable Bonuses When You Secure Your Copy Today

“How To Become More Powerful 
Discover how you can build amazing strength faster than
you ever thought possible.

Find out how to tap into your hidden source of great
strength and learn the top ten power training secrets. 
(A $19.97

“Home Training Tips That Get
If you feel uncomfortable about going to the gym or you
just don’t have the time!

That’s not a problem. This report will explain how you
can get professional health club standard workouts from
the comfort and convenience of your own home.

You’ll discover how to choose the right equipment and
other tips to make your training at home just as
effective as going to the gym. (A $17.97

Please understand that you’ll receive the free gifts described
above only if you reserve your copy of 
Muscles Fast
or before 
midnight, Sunday, 
11, 2021
. So
reserve your copy now, and get started today. 

So What’s The Catch?
Why Am I Practically

Giving This Program Away?

Well, it’s
really quite simple. Since you’ll be downloading the training
system directly from the Internet I have no inventory and no
fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders
over the phone. 

This way I can
pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. But
don’t worry, downloading the training system is a snap. I’m no
“techno whiz” and I had no problem. (The eBook is formatted in Adobe
Acrobat PDF
 and is 100% compatible with
both MAC or PC computers.)

So, are you ready to build muscles fast?
Awesome! Let’s move forward.

want to download Build
Muscles Fast
, so I can use
it to start building muscle and
gaining weight as fast as humanly

I understand that my order is risk free
and that I am receiving a 60
day guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever, I am not
happy with the results of using 
Muscles Fast
I can request a full refund.

 I also
understand that because I am ordering on
or before 
Sunday, July 11, 2021 
will also receive the following bonuses
worth $54.00.


Bonus #2: Special Report
– Home Training Tips That
Get Results 

If you feel uncomfortable
about going to the gym or
you just don’t have the
time! That’s not a problem.

This report will explain how
you can get professional
health club standard
workouts from the comfort
and convenience of your own

You’ll discover how to
choose the right equipment
and other tips to make your
training at home just as
effective as going to the
gym. (A $27.00


Bonus #1: Special Report
– How To Become More

Discover how you can build
amazing strength faster than
you ever though possible.

Find out how to tap into
your hidden source of great
strength and learn the top
ten power training secrets. (A $27.00



Click Here To Order Build Muscles Fast

I look forward to getting an email from
you, telling me about your experience
using my system to build muscles and gain weight. Even
though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me.
I’d love to hear your success story!


 Eric Jones

P.S. You’ll
be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start gaining
weight with the ‘Build Muscles Fast’ system.
Your entire workout program could be done in as little as 40
minutes. In just moments you can start using the
program…completely at my risk!

After that, you be the
judge. You must be 100% satisfied or you can obtain a full
refund, no questions asked.

P.P.S. What are
you waiting for? Aren’t you ready to transform that thin
underweight body into a masterpiece of strength and
vitality?  Imagine you could be using my bodybuilding
system, created especially for hard-gainers, and seeing amazing
results in just 2 months! 

P.P.P.S There is absolutely no
 involved. The only thing you
stand to lose is the muscle you could be gaining if you were
using my system today. You are losing valuable time every
minute you delay.


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