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“These audio recordings of the historic seminar go beyond The Attractor Factor, The Power of Intention, Ask and It Is Given, Beyond Positive Thinking, “The Secret”, and virtually every other “How to Manifest” or “Law of Attraction” book, course, or movie out there. This won’t be for everybody. But if you feel inspired to get…

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“These audio recordings of the historic seminar go beyond The Attractor Factor,
The Power of Intention, Ask and It Is Given, Beyond Positive Thinking,
“The Secret”, and virtually every other “How to Manifest” or “Law of Attraction” book, course, or movie out there. This won’t be for everybody. But if you feel inspired to get this right now, then expect your life to blast into orbit and the results to dazzle and confuse everyone — including you.”

– Dr. Joe Vitale

If you’re skeptical, don’t bother to read this right now.

But if you’re open minded, then brace yourself for some goose bumps…

Dear Friend,

Take a look at the brief video clip on this page (just turn on your speakers and click the play button) —

What do you notice?

You probably can’t tell by just looking at the video, but maybe you can feel something of the ecstasy these adventurers felt as they experienced the world’s first Manifestation Weekend with me on May 19-21 in Austin, Texas.

I was the first officer on this flight and something greater than all of us was the pilot.

More than twenty-five people came from all over the world, from Mexico and Australia to all points within the USA — All to buckle up and learn how to go past their limits, and onwards and upwards to experiences and insights they may never have imagined before – ever.

These people were no strangers to inner growth. All had read my book The Attractor Factor. All had completed other spiritual retreats, or a spiritual growth workshop, or healing events or even personal enlightenment trainings. Some were professional healers and therapists.

All already knew how to co-create their own reality using the principles in my spiritual books or in the movie, “The Secret”.

But they all came to go past all of that.

They all came to get to “The Z State” — That place where there are no limits and they can truly have, do, or be anything they can imagine.

In fact, from “The Z State”, they can have more than they could imagine…

What Really Works in Manifesting Your Own Reality?

These people wanted more, and were ready for more.

They were ready to learn how to turbocharge their ability to manifest.

They were ready to go beyond what they knew or thought they knew.

They were ready to let go of what didn’t work in order to learn what does work.

The Manifestation Weekend covered everything from —

  • how to heal yourself and others with a simple three word statement (!),
  • the truth about intentions and how to set the ones that work,
  • how “The Z State” has no limits and anything is possible,
  • how to handle fear in a most surprising way,
  • why you need to be aware of “hungry ghosts”,
  • what’s behind the “you” that is reading these very words?,
  • my psychic power awakening at the hands of a Hawaiian shaman,
  • a powerful new ho’oponopono meditation method,
  • some surprising and revealing pointers about marketing and list building,
  • new ways to clear and clean the limiting beliefs and energies within yourself,
  • metaphysical copywriting (?!),
  • how I let my soul guide my business decisions,
  • personal confessions about what works and what doesn’t in my marketing,
  • the inside story about the movie “The Secret”, 
  • the power of listening to the “whiteboard” of life,
  • how to form your own Master Mind group for support and record-breaking results,
  • the all encompassing blunt truth about what it means to take total responsibility for your life. (You’ve never heard this definition before)!

But the incredible weekend didn’t stop there. We also covered

  • how I lost 80 pounds after a lifetime of struggle with obesity,
  • how I manifested, not one, but two BMW sports cars,
  • what we would welcome if it came “out of the clear blue sky,”
  • why Vedic Astrology is better than Western astrology,
  • two surprise guest speakers dazzled us with their insights and confessions,
  • I revealed what I secretly did with a pencil eraser to make my book Life’s Missing Instruction Manual a #1 bestseller.
  • the astonishing weekend ended with a spiritual gifts inventory, that was so moving there wasn’t a dry eye in the house,
  • how to you tell the difference between the Divine and your Ego,
  • how does one top car salesman sell without selling,

There were more surprises, insights and discoveries that I can’t remember right now. (At one point I did spontaneous psychic readings, which held everyone in a hypnotic moment frozen in time)! I’ll have to listen to the audios of the event, too, to remind myself of all of them.

But something bigger occurred at the event than just information, stories, and techniques!

It came from being in the blissful “Z State” and asking…

Where would you fly if you had wings?

This “spiritual retreat” moved me to tears. I got a standing ovation at the end of the event. But I didn’t deserve it. All I did was act on an inspiration that told me to host something called: “The Manifestation Weekend”.
Where would you fly if you had wings?
From there, I was winging it.

But the funny thing about winging it is that you have wings.

And when you have wings, you can fly!

And when you fly with the type of energy that was among these noble and open minded leaders, you soar as if you’re wearing a jet pack and you’re cleared to land anywhere you can imagine!

I wish I could convey in words the overwhelming divine power of the weekend. We were in a non-stop moment-by-moment state of exhilaration.

Since I can’t describe the event, I’ll let others do it…

Here’s what just a few of the attendees said —

Obviously, the buzz of high energy was thick at the event. People shared and connected and supported in ways I have never seen before, and I’ve been around the block when it comes to self improvement, personal growth, spiritual and marketing matters, meditation, and more. I’ve written about a lot of my own personal journey in my books, Adventures Within and of course in The Attractor Factor.

But this weekend was off the charts. When I asked the group to rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10, all gave it a 10 and most said it was a 15 or even a 20. It went way beyond their expectations, and even mine.

In fact, the entire weekend was about how to go Beyond Manifestation.

It was truly miraculous.

People paid $1,000 each to attend the event live.

Plus they paid their travel, room and board expenses.

The good news for you is you can now experience the weekend right where you are sitting. You can invest in the audio recordings, the transcripts and manual, and relive the energy, love, wisdom and more, all at your leisure.

And you can do it for far less than $1,000.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for a miraculous weekend. Each and every one of you added to the magic of the weekend. Saturday was miraculous in being able to go 24 hours completely present with no “thinking” going on in the mind. I enjoyed spending time visiting with and getting to know each of you. It was so wonderful how we were able to connect at such a deep level and share all of the wonderful things we were learning with each other. Each of us had our own process yet we overlapped in many areas and could learn from each other.

I reached a whole new level of awareness that weekend. I came home Monday and went back to my “should be life” that I created for my beautiful 4 year old son. I spent much of Monday saying thank you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and I love you. I didn”t realize how many things I actually resisted or mentally pushed against in my world.

Coming home from the weekend was amazing to me because I had the experience of seeing how our projections affect our experience and how Ho’oponopono could help you change that reality.

I took my son to the park and he was playing with another 4 year old. Then three kids slightly older came into my view. One child was a bully and picking on the other two by pinning down their arms. They were yelling, “Stop it or we will tell your mom.” Immediately I felt my reaction to this “Bully” and at first just said, “Hey, that is not nice.” I wanted to say, “Why are you such a bully?”, and caught myself and started saying thank you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you.

For a few minutes he joined us in a different reality and asked my son to take a turn throwing his toy. He was sweet, courteous, and took turns. Then the parents called the boys over. Right after leaving us I saw him revert back to the agreed upon reality they had created of him being a bully. Coincidence?

I notice that today is day 4 of being home and the mantra seems to be decreasing but is much more intentional. I found myself using the eraser and doing the mantra on a project.

What fun I am going to have moving from my “should be life” to “my want to be life”. I hope some of us will be able to continue to share that process with our new found friendships.


Debra Kahnen RN, ND

I almost moved to Las Vegas because I keep running into debt conscious people who were not interested in anything about me, business or personally. Using Joe’s Attractor Factor principles I have manifested many wonderful things. I found my girlfriend after a Vitale event in February.

We talked after the event in the hotel bar for hours and starting dating a couple of days later. I’ve also manifested a new business in real estate investing that has more leads than I can handle right now.

After this weekend at the Manifestation weekend I am manifesting my idea for prosperity games. When like-minded people get together wonderful things happen. The weekend was truly inspiring.

I learned much more about how to manifest. Listening to what people are grateful for was priceless. I can’t wait for the reunion. I love you. Thank you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. People at the weekend understand what this means. This event is for prosperous open-minded people that want to manifest more in their lives.

Thank you Joe for making this event happen. Also thank you for the ton of books that you gave away. You are truly a prosperous person.

Chris Sherrod, The Prosperity Guy


“Joe’s Manifestation Weekend has opened my heart and mind on a new level…
I have spent many years working with energy, and this seminar, with its processes,
as well as insights from other valuable people who were part of it,
added a depth of understanding and experience that has already allowed
changes and miracles. Joe’s willingness to be real —
authentic and spontaneous– and to TRUST, made this event what it was…
and helped me to know that I could trust my own self to be guided into
inspiration and action, too…that I could trust, and be, myself in even
more ways than I had been. I feel a clearer path as a result…
and I wouldn’t have missed this for the world…”

Mathes Jones

I truly feel that this weekend was an eye opening experience. I feel as if for the first time in my life I can see things clearly. The past weekend also gave me the opportunity to step away from my current life and to view some of the things I’ve been doing “wrong”. Amy

This weekend allowed me to put my goals into perspective and see how easily I can obtain them. It gave me a chance to look at myself and the message I am sending out to the world. Ronnie

We both felt that this weekend changed our lives forever, for the better, of course. We also feel very grateful to everyone for their ideas and support.

Thank you for helping to put this whole thing together.

Ronnie and Amy Terrill

Joe Vitale’s “Manifiestation Weekend” began with surprisingly open warmth among strangers and ended with amazing love and joy among friends–all unplanned. Joe and Dr. Len wrought glorious magic.

Evelyn Cole

The Whole-mind Writer

It’s been a mere seven days since I returned home from Joe Vitale’s Manifestation Weekend and I can hardly count the number of miracles since. Like a sponge, I soaked up the energy, the lessons and the message, and now my results are manifesting at lightning speed.

To name a few of my tangible results in the past 7 days: new clients are flocking to me, new contracts are appearing out of thin air, I’ve been approached for at least 5 joint ventures, my opt-in list has increased by a whopping 60%, I’ve been asked to make a ‘celebrity appearance,’ and I can hardly keep up with all the amazingly inspired ideas that are coming to me out of the clear blue sky.

All of this has happened with no force, no “trying,” no real effort at all on my part. It has all quite literally flowed to me, easily, effortlessly, abundantly. When I get an idea, I now take action immediately, and I am positively blown away by my results. Joe, thanks for sharing the “eraser” method, as I know this one tip has helped grow my business exponentially in just ONE WEEK. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Eternally grateful,

Amy Scott Grant


“The Manifestation Weekend audios are FULL of information that can TRANSFORM one’s life. I was especially in tears when others were in tears, smiling at the jokes and when I heard others smile in their voices, and laughing.AH, the laughing..I NEEDED THAT!! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.”

Jennie Maples

Teleseminar Transcriptions

A few years ago, my husband, Craig, and I celebrated the birth of our youngest son, Hayden.

We delivered our baby via a home birth and we were thrilled to be blessed with what we believed to be a bouncing, healthy, baby boy. Then, two weeks later, while Craig was away on a business trip, without any warning, our child instantly turned black and died in my arms! He completely stopped breathing!

The ambulance arrived just in the nick of time and once we made it to the hospital, the diagnosis we received was that Hayden had a severe bladder infection, due to the fact that he was born with 4 kidneys and extra ureters, which also resulted in him having kidney reflux. We were given some interim procedures while we waited for Hayden to have his first major surgery. Unfortunately, there would be another emergency visit to the hospital for a secondary infection at 3 months old. This infection was later followed by a series of invasive tests, and later, a bladder surgery and circumcision at 18 months old.

Once home from this operation for a mere 4 hours, we had to take another emergency trip back to the hospital by ambulance, for Hematoma on his bladder incision, hernia and blood loss. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, in November 2005, we made another midnight emergency visit to the hospital for a hernia and twisted testicle surgery.

After this entire ordeal, we believed that (according to our doctors), Hayden was out of the woods, only to discover 2 months later that he would need to have bladder surgery, yet again. We painfully discovered that his initial surgery only took on one side of his little body.

Our follow-up visit in February 2005, indicated that he would need another surgery to relieve blockages in the upper pole of the right kidney, causing fluid retention. The toll that this experience has taken on our baby (and the rest of our family) has been beyond words. After years of trying EVERYTHING (from healthy remedies, proper diet and nutrition, meditating, prayers, asking others to send us positive energy, utilizing the power of positive thinking and visualizing 100% health unto Hayden, and hundreds of other techniques, etc.), no matter what we tried, nothing seemed to create the solution we were in dire need of.

Then, one day, “out of the clear blue sky,” Craig and I were blessed to be invited by Joe to attend his Manifestation Week-end as his guests ” this was a gift that we knew we could not turn down and that, despite our busy schedules, we KNEW we just HAD to go, no matter what!

As a result of our attending the seminar, our lives have completely changed! We learned all sorts of new techniques to add to our magic bag of tricks and I BELIEVE that we were able to experience A MIRACLE because of it! The Monday, following the Retreat, Hayden had to go in for another check-up, in order to determine whether he would need his third major surgery or not.

Once we arrived at the doctor”s office, we couldn”t believe our ears”the doctors finally gave Hayden a clean bill of health! We were told that Hayden was not going to need anymore surgeries!!!!!!! And we owe this MIRACLE to all the incredible people we met at Joe’s seminar, at the perfect moment, at the perfect time, who helped us overcome such overwhelming odds! Our lives are forever changed and for that, what more could we possible say ” other than””..

Thank you

I love you

God Bless!



Aimee Rousseau Perrine, Austin Artist


Hi Joe:

As you know, I played the role of the “resident skeptic” during Manifestation Weekend. As you also know, I completely loved every minute of the challenge, the growth and the fun. The skeptic (in reality, I merely ask great questions!) soon became the believer!

Jon Benson

How many years have I been a Vitale fan? Geez…lost count. Hanging out with you in-person was great, but the group dynamic, no-doubt captured in audio, just rocked my world.

So, here’s my small testimony: on the way home to Dallas, my life changed forever.

First, I released a major personal issue that I was previously unable to overcome. The “cleaning” did the trick…so simple, so profound. Second, I made a declaration and intention to the universe for two things so HUGE — and both are now flooding into my life in ways that I never before would or could have believed.

Joe, your a man far beyond “marketing” — and the words “thank you” simply do not suffice.

But I’ll try ’em anyway — THANK YOU!

And, yes, “I love you.”


Jon Benson

Creator, The M-Power Series

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yes, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

As you can see from the testimonails and the video, this is a course designed to transform lives, not just make you feel good.

Your satisfaction is expected as well as guaranteed.

ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.

And now for the best news of all —

It’s easy to order the audio recordings, transcripts, and manual to Beyond Manifestation: How to Achieve Your Desires By Entering “The Z State”.

How to Order Right Now

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  • 6 Transcripts and

  • The Beyond Manifestation Manual

    This manual is worth more than the entire cost of the package itself! 

You can go here and order the package, which includes the entire event on unedited audio recordings, transcripts for all the audios, and the private manual — all of which you will be able to download
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While attendees paid $1,000, plus travel, you can have the complete package — the entire weekend on audio, as well as the entire course manual and all the transcripts
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Obviously, this is the deal of the year, as well as an investment in your life!

But only order if this feels right to you.

If you’re ready to go beyond what you think you know about manifesting your own reality, consider investing in the weekend that changed lives.

The investment is small.

The potential for change is colossal.

And consider —

Where do you turn when you realize you haven’t been getting


of your intentions?

What happens when you realize you haven’t been in control of


aspect of your entire life?

What would your life be like when you realize there is a better way to live — and you never knew what it was

until now?

And finally, what’s


than all of the things you want for yourself?

Get all of the answers, and much more, in the audio program Beyond Manifestation.

There’s not much else to say, except —

Expect Miracles.

Dr. Joe Vitale

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P.S. — Normally I write something hard-hitting in a P.S., to remind you of the importance of grabbing this program right now. We all know that if you wait, you don’t take action. And if you don’t take action, you stay stuck, continuously getting what you’ve always been getting. But I won’t practice “bulldog marketing” or even “Hypnotic Marketing” in this P.S. Instead, I’ll just say I am grateful that you have read this far, and that I love you. Do what you feel inspired to do.

Dr. Joe Vitale

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