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July 13, 2021 - Comment

ATTENTION: If You ever wondered about “Storage Auctions” and are looking to make great money in this struggling economy we may have the solution for you in the most important letter you’ll read all day. . . Storage Auctions revealed in this new tell-all about tactic winning auction tips and you’ll get them all here…

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ATTENTION: If You ever wondered about “Storage Auctions” and are looking to make great money in this struggling economy we may have the solution for you in the most important letter you’ll read all day. . .

Storage Auctions revealed in this new tell-all about tactic winning auction tips and you’ll get them all here – & win every time . . .

Even if You Never Went to an Auction Before


From: Lorenzo Lee

I f you are headed out the door to your boring job or off to the unemployment line… STOP – if for just a moment, and read what I have to tell you about storage auctions and how they transform lives all over the country.

You are going to fit into a category of the following people: retirees, those about to retire, unemployed, employed but bored, underpaid or looking for something where you can work from the comfort of your own home. Why wouldn’t you want to manage your home, be able play with your kids and not worry about how much gong out to eat costs for the family?

If you’ve just lost your job and you were standing in an unemployment line wondering how you are going to take care of your family; you’re stumped, clueless and at your wits end… What can you do in this economy? Even if you can find a job, you’ll be lucky if it pays half what you were making.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in those same dire straits. Dodging calls from bill collectors and even hiding my car around the block so it wouldn’t get repossessed. But Mom always told me, “When one door closes, another opens.”

I never understood what she meant, until now. You see, even in this bad economy with millions and millions of people out of work or stuck in jobs they can’t stand and don’t pay enough to live on, there are still opportunities being created every day. Big Opportunities. REALLY BIG OPPORTUNITIES!

It was just a little while ago that one of those Big Opportunities came knocking at my door. And now it’s knocking on yours. What I am about to show you is not MLM or some get rich quick scheme. You will have to work at it, but with simple instruction and our Secret Weapons you’ll be able to get your slice of the money pie. Best of all you will once again have a reliable, stable income month in and month out.

I know you are thinking you will need a special skill or a specialized degree. All I have is a high school diploma, but you don’t even need that! And you won’t have to borrow a bunch of money to get started either!

This business is based on a very simple formula that has made millions of people rich for thousands of years.

It’s a very simple concept; you’ve probably even heard it before. It’s just four little words…


STOP! This is not some bs stock market or investment scheme. They require far more risk than I would be comfortable with, especially in this economy. They also require very specialized skills and knowledge. Not to mention a LOT of money to get started. Nope, this is different. Completely different.

Imagine a business where:

  • You don’t need CREDIT!
  • You don’t need a lot of money up front to get started.
  • You don’t need a college degree, special certifications or specialized knowledge.
  • You don’t have to take a lot of risks.
  • You don’t need an office, any employees or special equipment.
  • As the economy gets worse, your prospects get better!
  • You can start with less than a hundred bucks.
  • You don’t need a college degree, just a tiny bit of instruction and our Secret Weapons.
  • You set your own schedule and sell your merchandise from your own kitchen table or out of your garage.
  • You can do this ANYWHERE, because there are 30,000+ storage facilities all over the United States and Canada (We will even give you access to this list!)
  • You can be young, old, retired, in-between work, guys or girls and make good money, lots of it!


Storage Auction Made Ready

Imagine going to a storage auction, winning the auction with $50 and finding $2500 worth of merchandise for you to sell. You don’t have to just imagine it, you can do it! With our easy training course and Secret Weapons you’ll know exactly when, where and how to turn a unit into a great income as often as you want! This happens every day across all 50 states and Canada. In fact, it is not unusual for a self storage auction unit to be won with a single dollar, but inside the unit are things you could sell for several thousand dollars.

What kinds of items can you find in a Self Storage Auction?

Frankly, just about anything! For Example:

  • Cars (vintage cars, 4x4s, sports cars, motorcycles and RVs too!)
  • Boats (fishing boats, jet skis, watercraft of all kinds)
  • Tools (professional and typical homeowners stuff)
  • Specialized Business Equipment (from gyms, salons, restaurants, construction, etc.)
  • Collectibles (Toys, Books, Coins, Cards, Antiques)
  • Hollywood Memorabilia … items found in storage auctions:
    1. Nicholas Cage’s Stolen $1Million Comic book
    2. Madonna’s personal photos and signed work
    3. Paris Hilton’s personal journals, videos and photos

      . . . more Hollywood treasures are found everyday!

Could you imagine stumbling onto the motherload of all Hollywood memorabilia or even one prop once used in a movie? What could you do with that kind of money?

With all of the possible valuables available at a self storage unit auction, it’s possible to replace a full time income from only a few hours work each week!

But don’t take my word for it. There are popular TV shows on major networks devoted to Self Storage Auctions. Keep in mind these shows are entertaining but they also show what can happen to someone who knows what they are doing in the storage auction business.

Best Storage Auction Book

Inside the Best Self Storage Auction Course you will learn:

  • How to spot a great self storage unit auction quickly. (pg 28)
  • Doing these few things wrong can can land you in court! (pg 112)
  • How to bid on a unit and make others back off! (pg 65)
  • A simple, legal tool to save $$$$ on your taxes (pg 46)
  • What you MUST know BY LAW… BEFORE you bid! (pg 104)
  • The difference between a bad locker and an early Christmas (pg 84)
  • How to go to a storage auction fully prepared, unlike the other bidders. (pg 76)
  • How to avoid getting stuck with a unit full of junk you can’t sell or worse, have to pay big bucks to dispose! (pg 44)
  • How to reduce competition and lower your winning bid! (pg 127)
  • How to sell your items quick & get CASH in your hand right after the auction! (pg 81)

Why am I willing to share these secrets with you?

First, since I was a little boy I was taught “what goes around, comes around” and “if you help others, someone will be there to help you” and of course “Do unto others…” It’s kind of ingrained in me to share.

Second, I know what it feels like to be one step away from living in my minivan. Collections, bankruptcy, eating PB&J (without any PB… or J!). I’ve heard my family telling me, “You’ve got to get a job!” “You need to make some money!”, or my favorite, “You need to make more money”… only there weren’t any jobs for 50 year olds without a college degree, even if you did have 25 years experience in construction.

But then this opportunity came along for me as it is for you now. You don’t need a lot of money to make money. You can start this with less than $100. And truth be told, you really don’t have to work all that hard either.

Let’s imagine that you’ve completed the course and located an auction. You’ve got $150 in cash, you’re a little nervous, but that’s ok because it means you’re ready to go since you know that you’ve completed the course and you know exactly what you want to do as soon as you step foot on the lot.

The Auctioneer comes out of the office and leads you and 4 others to unit G167. Sure, the others are there for the same reason as you, but they haven’t been through the course, they don’t have the knowledge you gained from the handouts… but you have. You’re here because you know which auctions to go to and which ones aren’t worth the trouble.

As the Auctioneer opens the door to the unit you notice the others getting excited, one lady is even bouncing up and down clapping her hands as everyone begins to see the unit is stuffed to the brim with computer monitors and other electronic gear. You allow yourself a wry smile, you learned on page 35 of the course that many times storage units are used as “dumps” for broken, worthless electronic equipment to avoid paying the high disposal fees… fees that the “winner” of this units auction may have to pay. In the time it takes you to finish this thought the currently happy lady has “won” the auction for $250.

Secret: If you can get the other bidders to spend all their money on crappy units, you can walk away with a fantastic unit for little to no money as they run out of funds.

As the Auctioneer opens the door to the next unit you notice the others pointing at the boxes, card tables and mattresses piled up with garbage bags. Unlike the last unit they seem to grumble a bit, but you see a sliver of wood you know to be a china cabinet peeking out from behind the mattresses. Lots of fine woodwork in what little you can see. It might even be an antique…

You get startled a bit as the Auctioneer breaks the silence with “The bidding opens at $25.” No one moves, and the auctioneer calls out again, only this time he lowers the opening bid for fear of not selling the unit today. “Lets get the bids going, who’ll give me $10?” he cries…

…after a short moment you give a wave of your hand at the Auctioneer. He’s a good Auctioneer and soon you’re bidding against a “happy lady”. You know from the course that doing this one thing will make her back down… She does, and before you know it you hear “$50 going once, $50 going twice, Sold to bidder #67.” $50… to bidder #67… holy crap that’s you!

Auction China Cabinet

Your heart is racing but you manage to keep it together long enough to pay the Auctioneer and lock your unit. Finally the auction is over and you go back to the unit you purchased.

That china cabinet might be worth $200, maybe more. But first you’re going to have to go through everything else to get a better look at it. It’s mostly old clothes and the usual “kitchen items” but one of the boxes is quite heavy and has some collectable memorabilia from an old TV show and another some baseball cards from the 1970’s. You’re feeling pretty good, it looks like you might be able to at least double your cash from just what you’ve found so far!

Finally you can move those mattresses…

You find yourself having to lean against the side of the unit for fear of falling down.

The China Cabinet is gorgeous. Worth at least $700 and based on the glass style it does look antique so it could be a lot more. But that’s not why you’re having trouble standing. You see, it’s full to the brim, with Depression Glass. You’ve seen a single piece of Depression Glass sell for $25 and there must be 50 or 60 pieces in this China Cabinet!

Luckily for you, our BSA Auction checklist has you totally prepared for this…

Following the few simple rules of the course, and the “members only” checklist, your grin got even bigger as your favorite antique dealer handed you $500 before he took the China Cabinet away. All packed up, you hurry home with everything you’ve found. After an evening of research (using some of our special tips and bonus material on valuation) you’ve learned that the cards and TV show stuff are worth an easy $400…

But the reason your wife is whistling as she is preparing for a night on the town, the first time in months… is because the antique dealer also handed you $1400 for all that Depression Glass!

Storage Auction Dreams

This is not just a fantasy. Finds like this happen almost every day all over the USA. It’s happened to me, it can happen to you. All that is left for you to decide is will it be a fantasy for you or will you take the necessary action to make it your reality?

I know that times are tough right now. Spending anything is a major decision. But I am going to eliminate all of the risk for you.

Are you serious about earning great cash for your family with Self Storage Auctions?

Then take a look at what we’ve created for you. This is the Masters Degree program at the Self Storage Auctions University. You’ll learn the secrets and insider tips to show you how to avoid the expensive mistakes and take the straight and narrow way to big profits.

One of the best things about this course is that you don’t have to go to a class somewhere or wait for a package in the mail. Everything is 100% downloadable and you can get started learning your self storage auction lessons the easy way, right away. You’re about to become a private member in an exclusive club in this ground floor opportunity…

Best Storage Auction Book

This course will show you:

  • Bid Secrets, how to keep from spending too much.
  • Which units are the most likely to make you money.
  • Which units to avoid and which ones to “drop”
  • All of the legal ins and outs of self storage auctions
  • What you must have with you at every auction.
  • How and Where to sell your finds for top dollar.
  •   …and a whole lot more!
But that’s not all… we have more to give you – Keep Reading!

You remember above I kept mentioning our “Secret Weapon”? As part of our easy course you will receive membership access to our database of self storage businesses all across America. More than 32,000 storage facilities, each with hundreds of units and each one an opportunity for you to make great money once you’ve completed the course. PLUS other great bonuses… and we mean a lot of freebies – keep reading below to discover all the goodies we are combining with this course:

BSA Storage Lien Law Book – All US States – 322 Pages

Storage Lien Law BookStorage Lien Law Book – All US States! – don’t go to another auction in your state or any other state without reading the state lien laws as they pertain to storage auctions. There are some things you must know before you bid on a locker or may have found in a locker – be prepared and get all the details in this huge compilation of US state lien laws.

At 322 pages this is a ton of information and we value this book at $27 – but if you order today its yours FREE!

Get the facts about any state storage auction info as just one of several fantastic bonus gifts. It’s also an instant download! No waiting for snail-mail!

BSA Vehicle Storage Lien Laws – 196 Pages

Vehicel Storage Lien LawsBSA Vehicle Storage Lien Laws! – did you spot an automobile, motorcycle or ATV in a storage unit and think you were just going to have it towed home? Think again, this book delves into the state rules for vehicles left abandoned in storage units. Know the facts before you lose your cash!

Our valuation on this whopping 196 page compiled vehicle lien law book is $19 – but, ordering the course today – you get this FREE!

Get this fantastic bonus gift as an instant download.

BSA Coin Finder – How To Spot Expensive Coins Quick – 67 Pages

Storage Locker Coin FinderBSA Coin Finder – How To Spot Expensive Coins Quick! – You won’t want to discard a coin that could be valuable while organizing your storage unit. Learn these facts on how to spot coins on the fly.

How many times have you walked past a coin on the street and didn’t give it a second glance? Often with storage units people leave precious metals behind to keep in safe storage… you’ll be spotting winners in no time!

If you had to buy this online we think you would need to pay $14 – but, today this book is our free gift to you, but you must order today!

Get this fantastic bonus gift as an instant download.

BSA How To Spot Antiques For Beginners – 235 Pages

Storage Unit AntiquesBSA How To Spot Antiques For Beginners! – You’ll be super impressed with your skills at picking the expensive antique items from amongst the junk in everyday storage units. With a bit of reading and a few simple tips and tricks you’ll be spotting the real antiques from the re-manufactured stuff in no time.

Comes complete with how to spot woods, precious metals and special markings.

We think it should sell for more because we know how much key information it holds, but we modestly value this gift to you at $19 – but, ordering today its yours FREE!

Get this fantastic bonus gift as an instant download too!

We Saved Some of the Nicest Bonus Gifts for Last…

and we are the only ones to give them to our members – FREE!

Membership To Our Storage Auction Community

Storage Auction CommunityMembership To The BSA Storage Auction Group! – You’ll be in good company with storage auction enthusiasts, newbies and pros just like yourself. Share ideas, pick each others brains, trade your finds on the forum – all at no additional cost.

PLUS: We will be giving you access to our 32,000+ record database of just about every storage facility in the United States and Canada! Don’t think there is a storage facility in even the smallest town? You bet there is! And would they have a storage auction, all it takes is a quick phone call!

Unlimited Free Search By Home Computer or Mobile Phone!

If you plan to attend auctions in a few states or maybe you are on a sightseeing trip and just want to check out how auctions are run in another state – check your private database of storage facilities to see who you may be close to

We Talk To Our Members

So, to recap, BSA Membership Includes:

  • Access to the database of 32k+ Storage Facilities in our private members only area
  • Access to the private members only forum – Buy – Trade – Sell – Communicate with other members!
  • Access to all the forms and books plus freebies and giveaways for members only
  • Your own website complete with your very own shopping cart – stop paying eBay fees and sell from your own site… oops – we weren’t supposed to tell you about this unless you really weren’t sure about the course… but if you want to see the Storage Auction Demo Site – CLICK HERE FOR DEMO SITE

      … and much, much more!

This lifetime membership sells for $97 – but if you order today – your membership is all-inclusive and FREE!

We Talk To Our Members

PLUS – just to make certain you know you got your moneys worth, and we are serious to see you succeed, we are giving you even more bonus swag to make you even more successful – – – our trademark Auction Worksheets!

As a member you’ll have access to these forms 24/7 – so even at 5am when you are preparing your auction, print off a few copies, enjoy your coffee and go to the auction later that day armed with everything you need to win big:

Auction Checklist
BSA Storage Auction Checklist bonus

BSA Storage Auction Checklist – don’t go to another auction without this awesome tool! You’ll be able to head out the door in the morning on your way to a local auction and be confident knowing you have everything you need with you for a productive and cash filled day.

Auction Expense List
BSA Storage Auction Expense Report bonus

BSA Storage Auction Expense Report – keep track of your money on each and every auction. Not only does it help you to be prepared but you’ll get to know how much each day will cost and tally up everything at the end of the year for instant tax savings. Your accountant will love you for it!

Auction Itemized List
BSA Storage Inventory Worksheet bonus

BSA Storage Inventory Worksheet – know what came out of every unit and how much you made on each piece. This is an invaluable tool should something arise out of the sale of this unit you’ll be able to immediately determine where an item went. Oftentimes you will come across personal paperwork, knowing what you did with that paperwork will certainly help if the need to find it arises.

Storage Auctions


    Download Best Storage Auctions

I promised to eliminate any risk for you, so this course comes with my personal 60 day 100% no questions asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason just ask for your money back within the next 60 days.

Get “The Best Storage Auction Course” and all the free bonus books and Worksheets for one ultra low price … OR;

do you enjoy the feeling of “not earning your potential”… AND/OR;

to be made to FEEL GUILTY for not making enough money to provide for your family?

  I want and need to instantly download “The Best Storage Auction Course” to better my life and provide for my family!

Yes! I want to ease my mind and provide for my family

Yes! I want to know how the best storage bidders operate!

Yes! I want and DESERVE to be happy!

NO! I NEVER want my family to go to bed hungry or see my children cry!

Yes! I have to know if my intuition is correct and be able to get quality storage lockers


Yes! I want instant access to your manual and the bonus material!

Yes! I want “The Best Storage Auction Course” and all the freebies right NOW!

Instant Download

Storage Auctions

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Find Out How To Get Started in This Lucrative Business… right now!

Get Your Career Started . . . you deserve MORE!

You are also backed by my personal 60 day Guarantee. If for any Personal Guaranteereason you decide the course and bonus books are not for you simply return them for a full refund. No Questions Asked.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by buying now and reading everything I have to say – this is a life changing manual for your peace of mind and new life and you have absolutely everything to gain!

If you are at all concerned with being financially stable in this crazy economic recession and the “fear of living paycheck to paycheck“.

Again, I urge you to download this manual right now! Not only will you save yourself $$$ but you’ll also have the peace of mind you fully deserve. We completely guarantee it!

Stop dreading the outlook of another bad paycheck…

and go with your intuition and gut instinct
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At Only $37 and a Full Guarantee How Could You Go Wrong?

You *could* try self storage auctions “on your own” or with some cheap ebooks thrown together from publicly available information. But just one mistake could cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Money you can’t afford right now –

Remember this is not a get rich quick or “easy” money scheme. It does require work on your part. It’s not rocket science, especially once you’ve completed our training. Don’t forget about our Secret Weapon… you will have access to our regularly updated database of Self Storage businesses in all 50 states with full up to date contact information for each one.

There is nothing else to buy. Once you’ve purchased the Self Storage Auction course you’ll have instant access to the course as well as all of the bonuses and our Secret weapon… forever!

If you are a quick study it is quite possible to order the course Friday evening, win your first Auction Saturday morning and have it all sold on ebay come Sunday afternoon! Even if it takes you a little longer to finish the course, as long as you follow the plan you will make money!

You have nothing to lose; I have taken the risk for you with my personal 100% guarantee. The sooner you get the course, the sooner you can get started making money!

  • Do you want a reliable income that you can count on?
  • Do you want a business you can start without spending a lot of money?
  • Do you want a business you can start without a lot of education?

Then the Self Storage auction course is just what the doctor ordered, a reliable income with a small investment and only a little education.

Once you’ve completed the course you are going to be excited. You will know that you KNOW how to do what you need to do to make a lot of money. YOU will have a PLAN that you can get started with quickly and making the money you need to support your family.

Ok you’ve read this far but still haven’t committed to buying the course. So I’m going to toss you one final bonus, this bonus only goes to those that click on the BUY button below.

We want you to be successful in this business and we know that with a bit of a push we can help you achieve your goals, so we would like to give you this fully functioning website as an additional bonus gift for you. It has all the necessary features of a shopping cart with pay functions – so all you need to do is load it with goodies from your storage auctions and sell it like crazy!

If you can use Microsoft Word then you can write in your own blog! There are functions to make something BOLD, Italicize, Underline, choose from a multitude of colors for your fonts, include your images and even videos in your posts. Anything is possible and we empower you with the tools to make it happen.

BONUS: Free Website with Shopping Cart!

Auction Checklist


    Download Best Storage Auctions

So How Much Does This Information Cost?

Well, first I’d like you to consider what you could possibly lose… your freedom, family, possessions and anything else you hold near and dear to your heart. What do you think happens to your belongings if you cant afford to pay for them? Or what about your mortgage – who is going to pay your mortgage?

The value of what you are about to access is literally priceless as it concerns your very livelihood and in this strange topsy-turvy economy – you must know that doing the same old thing just won’t work…

Get Best Storage Auctions Right Now – It’s An Instant Download!

Now then, on to your new career!

P.S.There is no time like the present to get a new career started in the right direction and really where you believe you need to be – I should know – I was in your shoes only a few short years ago.

P.P.S. Your future depends on what you DO TODAY, in this moment. Not what you put off till tomorrow.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget, when you are sitting at home wondering how to cover next months light bill… you’ll have two types of thoughts racing through your head:

  • The way it was
  • The way it could have been… what’s it going to be for you?

Click Here To Put An End To Worrying about Job Security!

ClickBank Best Storage Auction Manual Payment ScreenThe charge will be from the secure servers of “ClickBank/Keynetics” so you know its a safe product. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing how to control your financial future – its time for you to step up and take charge. Plus, we will never email you about anything. You will not go on any list, this we promise! If you wish to contact us and ask for help please do so.

Clickbank Secure Purchase

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