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You probably want to know what makes the Begin Drumming System different from other books or video lessons, and if it is right for you. Let’s answer those questions by briefly giving you the story of how it came to life. That’s actually connected to some of the story of MY life… I promise I’ll…

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You probably want to know what makes the Begin Drumming System different from other books or video lessons, and if it is right for you. Let’s answer those questions by briefly giving you the story of how it came to life. That’s actually connected to some of the story of MY life… I promise I’ll be quick!

I’m Jim McCarthy, a life-long drummer and percussionist. I’m pretty well known in some circles – not so well in others – but since I was 15 years old, I’ve made my living as a professional musician. I started drumming in elemetary school and was lucky enough to have some of the best teachers in my part of the world as my very first. I loved it and it quickly became “my thing”. So much so, that I got my first teaching job at the age of 15 – actually teaching drums at a private school to students sometimes older than me! Teaching has been a huge part of my life in the more than 30 years since then.

Naturally I also loved performing and had heaps of fun playing in various bands and theatre productions etc.

I continued at university after school and earned my Bachelors – then Honours/Masters degree in percussion performance… and teaching was the job that allowed me to pay for it. By the time I finished University I was teaching full time with a combination of private students and schools and of course I was also regularly performing all sorts of gigs – some as a “classical percussionist” in orchestras and theatre – some in bands… whatever was paying the bills!

Teaching became a real passion and this is where “Begin Drumming” really got started! I had a lot of beginner students at the time, and I was sick of sending them to buy all sorts of books to work from. I had a good collection by this time but I found there was really only a handful of useful material in each one – but worse… I had to tell students to ignore whole sections of some books because they were just flat-out bad advice!
learn paradiddle rudiments

I found that I was better off writing my own teaching materials – ones that taught the EXACT things that a student needed to know without losing focus to other areas. I’d be lying if I said it worked perfectly every time with every student – teaching can be harder than playing!… but over years I gradually identified the key things that a starting drummer needed to learn and I found the best ways to teach those things… ways that were really fun and effective every time! I found my students were learning faster and having more fun.

So I organized all this material into a book so I could give it to students right at their very first lesson! Begin Drumming was born – the first edition – that was almost 20 years ago in 2001.
Begin Drumming Book - 3rd edition

Over the next five years I tweaked it and added to it and made it even better. In those days digital media was just becoming really popular so I started adding it to the book – starting with audio recordings of beats that drummers could play along to at different speeds as they got faster. Eventually it developed into the 3rd edition of the book that had a 4 hour DVD of video lessons covering every page in the book.

In 2007 A good friend and collegue of mine told me I had a really great system and it should be available to the whole world – so he helped me develop “Begin Drumming” into an “online program” for sale on the internet. For a while it did really well and heaps of drummers purchased it for a hefty price tag – and they thought it was worth it because they were becoming excellent drummers really fast and having lots of fun!

Three years later my life changed. I got divorced and moved from my home in Australia to a new home in Canada. Naturally I had to abandon a LOT of students and teaching stopped for a while – at least regular teaching. I was still performing regularly and by this time was also doing some clinician work. My life-change though also meant that I started focussing on other areas of music.

Technology really changed too – and the internet really changed! AND… of course… the whole way we like to learn and live has really changed. So “Begin Drumming” sort of faded away as I didn’t keep it up to date and compatable with today’s needs. It’s been essentially dormant.

drum lessons on phone
ANOTHER TEN YEARS LATER… it’s the year 2020… we get Covid… students all over the world need to learn online… we are at home with time to drum!… we all have a mobile phone in out hand… and it’s the perfect tool to learn with… even faster and more fun than ever before!

So… now YOU get the NEW “Begin Drumming”!! Completely re-vamped and made better than ever, and designed so all you need is your phone and a pair of sticks!

And best of all – to celebrate this update – you also get a new tiny tiny price of just $6.99 – a HUGE discount! (Limited time offer of course!)

Yep – no catch – nothing hidden – no gimmicks – just a one-time small donation (call it buying me a coffee!) and you get the whole system forever.

ONLY $6.99!!!

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If You Don’t benefit – You Don’t Pay!

I’ve spent years putting together and refining this program, and I know that it works, but I understand that you might still be hesitant to see if this program can deliver what you need to learn the drums.

So why not just try it out?

Then if you decide for any reason at all, that it isn’t suitable for you, and you wont benefit, then simply get a full refund any time within 56 days – no questions asked.

Like I said, if you don’t benefit, then you don’t pay!,

so there is absolutely NO RISK to you.

Begin Drumming is the easiest and best way that YOU can get quality instruction, from the comfort of YOUR own home – or absolutely anywhere you can take your phone. You owe it to yourself to learn drums NOW with Begin Drumming,… so what are you waiting for?

Jim McCarthy MMus, Author of Begin Drumming

Jim McCarthy

M.Mus (performance), B.Mus (hons), B. Mus

ONLY $6.99!!!

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