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Discover How One Easy System Can Teach You a Hundred and Ten Different Ways You Can Use Your iPhone™ for Business Productivity and Personal Enjoyment A Genuine Must-Have For Every iPhone™ User – Guaranteed! Dear Friend, When Apple Inc. first came out with the prototype for the iPhone™ in 2007, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had…

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Discover How One Easy System Can Teach You a Hundred and Ten Different Ways You Can Use Your iPhone™ for Business Productivity and Personal Enjoyment

A Genuine Must-Have For Every iPhone™ User – Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

When Apple Inc. first came out with the prototype for the iPhone™ in 2007, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had just one thing in mind – the seamless union of true smartphone computing and art. The iPhone™ may well be the most popular and most powerful pocket-sized personal computer in the market today. There are many other competitors but few come close to the quality of the iPhone™, which is also a hallmark of Apple products.

The iPhone™ is far from being just a smartphone. It is a powerful device capable of doing almost anything that you can do with a full-sized personal computer or Mac computer. If you are an iPhone™ owner, you also know that it commands a nice price tag. It’s pricey, but you really get what you pay for since Apple products all have a sterling warranty and killer customer support.

In 2011, iPhone™ sales have skyrocketed to 28 million units worldwide – a record-breaking year for the iPhone™!

So many people are buying the iPhone™ and Apple has legions of fans and loyalists across the world… Why are people so loyal to this smartphone anyway? Here are a couple of reasons.

With the iPhone™ you can:

Play HD games

Rediscover your town or city as it guides you while you drive

Send messages to large groups of contacts in a snap

Control your Mac or PC remotely even if you’re in another country

Retrieve email from multiple email accounts with a touch of a button

Learn new recipes through the Web

Discover new places to go to on your next vacation

Discover the location of your friends and family members

Spoken language accounts for only 30% of face to face interactions.

Connect with video chat – for free and while on the go

Organize your images, music and video

And So Much MORE

The iPhone™ Just Keeps Getting Better

The list that you have just seen is actually a tiny tip of the potential things that you can accomplish with the iPhone™.

At the time of this writing, Apple has already released the fourth generation iPhone™, the iPhone™ 4S which has been equipped with a powerful knowledge processor and virtual assistant Siri.

If you have an iPhone™ 4S already, know that you now possess an indispensable virtual assistant that can handle almost every request that you can think of, from sending messages to finding things on the Internet for you.

The iPhone™ is powerful… But does having it alone mean that you’re getting the most out of your money?

Fact is, the iPhone™ is much more than just a phone. It’s much more than just a music player. It can actually become your most indispensable partner in business productivity!

When the guys at Apple were designing the iPhone™, they were thinking of how this wonderful new smartphone could aid people with their business-related needs. The hardware and software capability is already there – you just have to know what to do with it, right?

Most people don’t know that their iPhone™s can be used for more than just connecting to the Internet.

As of this writing, the iPhone™ (if installed with the correct app) can transform itself into an email receiver, virtual network assistant, personal assistant, educational tool, games repository, video repository, podcast library, digital book library and even a health partner (calorie counter, diet plans, etc.).

Again, this is just a miniscule fraction of what you can actually achieve with the iPhone™ if you knew how to control it to make it work even faster and more efficient.

Still not convinced? Check this out:

Benefits of Using the iPhone™ for Business Productivity

Benefit # 1: The iPhone™ is a feature-packed phone that you can put in your pocket. It’s a mobile phone that can handle voice and data easily and shamelessly. It was designed for heavy users, too!

Benefit # 2: The iPhone™ can be used to connect to services that use cloud computing. Apple Inc. even offers its users its own cloud-based service – the iCloud(which was preceded by MobileMe) where you can upload your data so that it will always be safe and all of your Apple devices would be able to sync data automatically.

Benefit # 3: The iPhone™ is one of the few smartphones now that are still chosen for large business deployments. That means companies are aware of the endless communication possibilities with the iPhone™ and they trust the device’s ever-growing pool of technical capabilities.

Benefit # 4: The iPhone™ was built not only to last but also to outlast other smartphones in terms of performance.

As long as your hardware is compatible, Apple will allow you to upgrade your firmware (the programs that have direct control and access to your phone’s hardware) whenever it is available.

Updating your firmware is also easy because all you have to do is to connect your iPhone™ to your Mac or PC and let the latest iTunes software take care of the rest.

The iTunes software came pre-installed with Macs, but if you are a PC user you can download the latest version by going to the Apple website right now. It’s there, waiting for your iPhone™!

Benefit #5: The iPhone™ can receive, open and organize email attachments as smoothly as butter. If you are connected to any cloud-based data storage service, all your attachments can easily be uploaded to that cloud-based service and you will never have to be afraid of losing your data ever again.

Benefit #6: The iPhone™ is secure because you can secure it in such a way that the phone can even wipe its data stores clean if someone was trying to tamper with your passcode lock.

If your iPhone™ was lost and you have the Find My iPhone™ app (which is free from the iTunes store) you would be able to locate your iPhone™ easily with GPS-assisted technology.

Benefit # 7: To date, the iPhone™ can read more than a dozen different file formats and the list is growing every season. We’re talking about native support for popular file formats like PDF and JPEG.

This smartphone can also open many audio and video formats so if you have to view media from a presentation or meeting, you don’t have to fire up your PC or Mac anymore – you can do that on your phone.

Benefit # 8: The iPhone™ is capable of directly connecting with computers for tasks such as remote printing, file transfers, syncing, etc. It can even use a home Wi-Fi network to exchange data with another computing device!

Benefit # 9: Apps are where it’s at – the more iPhone™ apps you experiment with the bigger the chance of finding a ‘perfect match’ that would be best for your productivity needs. The iTunes Store is always just a click away.

To date there are more than one hundred thousand individual iPhone™ apps in the iTunes Store and more are being developed every day.

If you need to get something done, don’t run to your computer – instead, go to the iTunes Store because I’m sure there’s an app for that.

Benefit # 10: The iPhone™ can exchange voice and Internet data through a variety of network types, from Wi-Fi to 3G to 4G. If one type of Web connection is not available or has suddenly failed, your iPhone™ will automatically seek other available networks that can be used to connect to the Internet.

So if you are handling something very urgent and for some reason your Internet connection suddenly fails, your iPhone™ will seek other data networks that it can use so you can continue your work.

Compare this to a regular laptop computer that loses its Wi-Fi network or LAN connection and you can see how much more efficient the iPhone™ can be when it comes to completing certain tasks that require an Internet connection.

Imagine having full access and control of your personal files and business data wherever you are

This just one of the many ways that the iPhone™ can help you in terms of business productivity… But the question here now is:

How will you accomplish all of these things with your iPhone™?

Not all of the things that I’ve mentioned so far are apparent with the iPhone™. The iPhone™ has many advanced, special features that cannot be easily seen and used without help. Can you study your iPhone™ so you can get the most out of it? Of course – but it would take time and you would probably have to go through a lot of trial and error before you hit the right formulas for specific tasks. And with the inclusion of Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant in the iPhone™ 4S, your workload just got a little heavier.

But if you want to:

Discover all of the hidden capabilities of your iPhone™

Send and receive calls, SMS and emails easily and effectively

Control your PC’s data remotely from any location in the world

Install the best iPhone™ apps in existence that I have carefully handpicked for you

And most importantly, get a bang for your buck with your iPhone™…

You have to see this:

No more guesswork.

No more stumbling in the dark.

Just you and the iPhone™ – a seamless connection…

And more control over your iPhone™ than you have ever imagined possible.

It’s Time To Unleash Your iPhone™

Take a peek at one of the world’s most comprehensive business & personal productivity guides in the world:

With Unleash Your iPhone™ you will discover:

The history of the mobile phone

The development of the modern smart phone

The evolution of network systems (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G)

The rise of the big mobile phone manufacturers

Technical specifications of the iPhone™

Specialized information about the iPhone™ 4S

Camera information

Available connecting ports of the iPhone™

Full power-related information

Supported audio formats

Supported video formats

Recommended audio accessories

Compatible document and file formats

Quick review of the basics of the iPhone™

How to find a contact quickly

The fastest way to edit the Favorites list

How to manipulate the Recents list

Hands-free dialing

Placing a call on hold

Receiving two calls at once

Dialing during an active call

Speakerphone access during an active call

Using FaceTime for the first time

Customizing messaging-related settings and features

Adding contacts quickly from a new message from an unregistered contact

Opening Web links directly from an SMS or email

Viewing city maps and street maps from addresses found in your email or SMS

Mastering the Calendar app

Utilizing the three Calendar views effectively

Accessing the scientific calculator of the iPhone™

Setting an alarm

Setting a timer

Setting a stopwatch

Using the World Clock feature of the Clock app

Mastering Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant

What you need to know about Siri

Preliminary information Siri

How to enable Siri

The three ways that you can activate Siri

Holding natural conversations with Siri

The nature of Siri’s input-out system

Altering basic commands

How to speak to Siri – tips for better results

Why natural language is always a better choice with the virtual assistant

General limitations of the virtual assistant

Discovering the weather for today and tomorrow

Asking Siri about weather and temperature

Using Siri to locate restaurants and people

Using Siri to determine the temperature and weather in other places in the world

Buying stuff online with the help of the virtual assistant

Looking for stuff to buy online with Siri

How your virtual assistant can help you find what you need within your Contacts app

Adding and modifying personal associations with Siri

How to place calls hands-free using the virtual assistant

And much, much more!

Unleash Your iPhone™ contains the following sections:

Part 1: Introduction

In this part of the book, you will learn how the humble mobile phone evolved into the powerful and intelligent smartphone that we now know and love.

You will also learn more about your device through its official technical specifications provided by Apple itself.

It’s important to learn about a device’s technical specifications so you would be able to use it more efficiently and you can also compare the technical specifications of the most current model with the one you’re using now to see if it’s worth upgrading.

In this part of the book you will also learn about the various compatible formats that the iPhone™ natively supports. So if you have a big multimedia library in your computer, you would know which files would easily work with the iPhone™.

Part 2: Reviewing the Basics

In this part of the book, we’re going to explore the various basic functions of the iPhone™ as a communications device. If this is your first time to use a smartphone and you are a little lost as to how you can get the most out of your device, this part of the book is for you.

From making calls to sending SMS and MMS, this section has been designed to bring you information regarding the most essential communication functions of the iPhone™.

Part 3: Meet Siri

The iPhone™ 4S has been installed with Siri, the revolutionary virtual assistant that has also been linked to the knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha. In my opinion, Siri is one half of the total iPhone™ 4S package because it can do so many things for you in a snap.

You just have to know how to command it. This meaty section of the book will show you how to accomplish things faster with Siri. It’s not as tough as it sounds!

Part 4: The iPhone™ – Your New Multimedia Center

One of the best things about the iPhone™ is that it is not all work and work and work. It also provides pure multimedia entertainment. It is my goal to unleash the personal multimedia center that is hiding in your iPhone™.

In this part of the book you will learn how to manipulate the iPod in your iPhone™ and make it work the way you want it to work. If you like full control, here’s the section of the book that will give you the steering wheel.

Part 5: Business Productivity and the iPhone™

For those who cannot wait to deploy their own iPhone™s in the world-related environment, this section contains all of the essential information you would need to turn your iPhone™ into a true business machine.

With your iPhone™ you can begin calling people via VOIP and you can also set up live conferences with other people while on the go. Install the right app and you can even join a live meeting even when you’re cruising somewhere in the Caribbean.

This part of the book will also teach you how to set up your email accounts and use your iPhone™ to modify presentations, documents and more.

In case your iPhone™ goes missing, I will also teach you a unique way of tracking your missing iPhone™ in real-time using a simple free iPhone™ app that can be downloaded anytime from the iTunes Store. If you are a fan of cloud computing, rest well knowing that your iPhone™ is fully compatible with cloud-based data services, too.

if you have been having trouble organizing your files and images, you can also use your iPhone™ for basic file management and photo management.

And as a bonus I have also added a section in this part of the book where you will learn more about Apple’s Numbers app, which is the most useful spreadsheet app you will come across in the iTunes store because it has been developed specifically by Apple for the iPhone™.

Part 6: Welcome to the World of iPhone™ Apps

In this part of the book I’m going to show you my handpicked iPhone™ apps that would surely give you a great time when you’re using your iPhone™. From audiobook readers to business productivity apps, this list is a gem of its own.

Part 7: The Master Toolbox of Tips & Tricks

This part of the book contains all of the miscellaneous tips I have for the basic and advanced iPhone™ user. You never know what tip just might come in handy!

My Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Unleash Your iPhone™ was the result of many years of research and fine-tuning. As such, I am very confident that this book will deliver what it promises and more. In the event that you find my book unsatisfactory, just drop me a line and I will give you an unconditional refund. What I’m offering you right now is an unbeatable 60-day money back guarantee, backed by the world’s most trusted digital goods marketplace – Clickbank. There is power in trust and I’d like to be someone that you can fully trust. If for any reason Unleash Your iPhone™ does not meet your expectations, just cash in on my iron-clad money back guarantee. In 60 days you can get your money back… Absolutely No Questions Asked.

“I like what I’m seeing, but how much is this going to cost me?”

We all know that time is precious and if we want to devote some of our personal time to something, we expect a high R.O.I. (return of investment). What I’m offering you right now is the result of many years of research and experience with working with the iOS and the various iPhone™ generations released by Apple. I can assure you that you will not be able to find this much information anywhere on the World Wide Web today. And if you do seek the information manually by going from website to website, that is going to take weeks (at least). So in essence, with Unleash Your iPhone™ you are actually protecting one of your most precious resources – your time.

When I first started writing Unleash Your iPhone™ I only had one thing in mind – I want others to be able to use their iPhone™s like true intelligent computing devices that can respond easily to our daily communication and computing needs. The iPhone™ is like a massive dragon waiting to be deployed unto your personal computing world.

Of course, my friends and family thought that I should be selling this entire system for a few hundred dollars at least. But I’m not going to do that for the simple reason that it’s not my main goal. My main goal in the creation of this iPhone™ productivity manual is to reach as many people as possible so that ultimately the largest number of iPhone™ users will benefit from my special knowledge of this device.

I don’t claim to be an Apple developer or software engineer. I don’t have any ties with the guys at Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs is a true legend to me, but he has never been my boss. So with that, I’m just like you – someone who has a passion for technology and making things work.

When I write about technology, I tend to think about the whole process as my contribution to the world. I’m not thinking about money when I write, I just think about the absolute good that I am providing to my readers when they discover something new about their own gadgets. That’s human nature, I guess.

So instead of charging a hefty price tag for Unleash Your iPhone™, I’m going to do something different this time. I’m going to let you download the entire system for just $17!

Only $17!

I know, some of you might be thinking – that is an insane price for something that is so feature-packed and full of useful information! But that’s the point my friend, I want you to have this book. I want you to benefit from having one of the most intelligent smartphones in the world.

Download Unleash Your iPhone™ Now

PS. It only takes two minutes to get Unleash Your iPhone™ which you can read on your iPhone™ at leisure! Awesome!

PPS. I am offering a 60-day no questions asked money back guaranteed back by Clickbank – the world’s most trusted digital goods marketplace. Get your book here:

Only $17!

PPPS. You will save time, money and effort by reading Unleash Your iPhone™ because it is a comprehensive resource for anything related to the iPhone™. Few other references will come close to what this book has to offer… So get it now!

Only $17!

To Your Success,

The Statbrook Team

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