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Find out the secret insights to growing business in ANY industry which I’ve already taught to more than 1,270 business leaders just like you Whether you’re a CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Team Manager or someone with an interest in innovation, everyone knows that being able to innovate is vital for a company’s long term survival.…

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Find out the secret insights to growing business in ANY industry which I’ve already taught to more than 1,270 business leaders just like you

Whether you’re a CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Team Manager or someone with an interest in innovation, everyone knows that being able to innovate is vital for a company’s long term survival. But until now, it’s been extremely hard for even the smartest business leaders to be able to figure out the impact of not having the right innovation capabilities.

The fact is, 96% of all innovations released by companies fail

business-successSo how much is innovation actually worth to your company? No, it’s not a hypothetical question, I want to help you understand that you can think of innovation as a monetary value to you. To help you figure that out, make a rough mental calculation for the value of each of these aspects to your business:

  1. Future revenue from every upcoming offering you’re developing or about to launch
  2. The cost to you of any of your offerings with stagnant or decreasing sales
  3. Cost of every project to improve efficiency
  4. Every effort to improve productivity
  5. Value of every existing customer who is leaving you
  6. For all of the above, the risk that they do not deliver the results you are expecting or hoping for

What can you do to improve your innovation success rate?

Innovation is turning an idea into something which is valuable to a customer. It is fundamental to business growth, and seen as the most important competency by virtually all global CEOs. Yet many companies both large and small are struggling to produce innovative solutions which actually deliver results. Where most companies fail though to produce successful innovations, it is because they don’t have the following innovation capabilities throughout their business

  • Capability to generate ideas
  • Capability to refine, manage and execute on those ideas
  • An organisational environment which enables and encourages people to produce innovations

These are the 3 Dimensions of Innovation. They were determined through studies of thousands of the most successful companies in the world, as well as an equal number of companies which were failing with their innovation efforts. It is the basis of the coaching I do for companies, helping them fundamentally improve their innovation success rate, and letting them experience lower risk of failed innovations and higher returns on investment. cover2 And now, I have distilled the most potent training information into an online course which you can now join: The 3 Dimensions of Innovation: A Framework for Breakthroughs

Who am I, and how do I know what I’m talking about?

nickheadshot In case you didn’t see me in the video above or the logo at the top of the site, my name is Nick Skillicorn and I’m the CEO and Founder of Improvides, a specialist Innovation and Creativity coaching firm in London, United Kingdom. I was recently voted one of 2013’s top innovation experts in the worldwide Innovation blogging community, and am an experienced author having written two books on Innovation (The Secrets of Ongoing Innovation Success) and Creativity (30 Days of Creativity Training), available from Amazon. Before starting this company, I was a frustrated Programme Management Consultant with one of the world’s largest Management Consulting firms for years. I experienced first-hand how large corporations treat innovation as a risky business, ignore good ideas and treat creative thought as a negative in performance appraisals. I knew that I could provide more value to companies if I could help them focus on capabilities to actually add value and grow to the business. With my complementary skills of strategy and management consulting, as well as my teaching background in improvisation across 3 countries, I realised that I was on the verge of a unique insight into how to best develop ideas to be turned into innovations. And then I made my breakthrough discovery: All of the advice out there on innovation (and trust me, there is a lot of it, from books to coaches to government agencies to marketing companies) were focusing their work on one or maybe two of the Three Dimensions of Innovation. Either they would give you a methodology to follow, or advice on reworking a portfolio of projects, or help you facilitate a brainstorming session. And while these may help in the short term, especially when those companies were involved, there could be some benefit. But in order to help the company actually grow, it needs to improve its capabilities across all three dimensions. This is the work that I do with Improvides, and it’s focused on both short-term and long-term company growth through innovation capabilities. I started Improvides in 2013, and since them have helped thousands of people from all sorts of companies improve their innovation capabilities.

In fact, more than 1,200 people have already taken the training available on this page.

What is this online course about?

smalltop1.pngThis course not only explains what innovation is and how it works, but also gives you a complete guide of the capabilities required within your organisation to actually develop new offerings which will delight your customers. The 3 Dimensions of Innovation will teach you about every capability you need to improve your ability to generate ideas, developing a high-performance innovation team to execute on them, and setting an innovation culture which supports your corporate vision and strategy.

Hosted on the established uDemy platform

The training course is hosted on uDemy, the world’s largest online-training platform with over 2 million students. I chose this platform because it gives you, the learner, the best possible experience. As well as access to all of the streaming video-based lessons, the course also contains several quizzes to test the knowledge and skills you’re gaining, as well as discussion features where you can raise questions for me to answer (I try to answer as many as possible). Additionally, you can pace your own learning, accessing individual lessons whenever is convenient for you, on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

You will benefit through:

  • Reducing risk around innovation projects
  • Generating solutions which actually address customer challenges
  • Reduced time spent managing innovation projects with greater speed to market
  • Diversifying your innovation types and enabling new business models

What are the requirements?

Just an open mind and a real desire to improve your innovation capability. If you think that innovation is more “fun” than “fundamental”, then chances are you’re going to continue making them same mistakes you always have done.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 41 lectures and 4 hours of content: Available for streaming whenever you want, on PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices.
  • Why managers can’t handle innovation: And why large companies often lose their innovation edge
  • What you’ve been taught about innovation is wrong: Why most of what people think of in relation to innovation is actually harming their business
  • The 9 ways to innovate you didn’t know existed: The 10 different ways any business can innovate (beyond just product updates), and how this can turbocharge your success rate and business models
  • The 3 Dimensions required for successfully being innovative: The detailed capabilities you can improve for each of them
  • What’s going on in your brain?: What is needed for you to actually generate breakthrough ideas
  • Your most innovation teams suck (maybe even some of yours!): How to set up and manage a high-performance innovation teams to evaluate, refine and execute ideas into innovations
  • But isn’t innovation risky?: Not if you select the right mix of innovations. To make sure you are structuring your effort, budget and resources towards innovation which your customers will actually love
  • And finally, getting your mix of culture and strategy right: How leaders can enable everyone to contribute value to the company’s innovation ability

One final thought:

If you start this course at lunchtime, you could have already improved your innovation capabilities by the end of the day.

If you think innovation isn’t vital for your company, then you’re just waiting for a competitor or an upstart to come along and change your mind for you. If you’re serious about growing your business, no matter what size you currently are, this course will help you develop the Innovation Capabilities you need to succeed.

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